Posted by: tonkatsudelights | April 29, 2008

Spicy Sunday

Last Sunday I got to try a couple of eating places that I haven’t been to before. And both served spicy food. Birthday lunch with a bunch of Indonesian colleagues at an Indonesian spicy food restaurant. Padang food, to be exact. And dinner with my Mainland Chinese friend at a Sichuanese food restaurant in Chinatown. How befitting!

Hot and burning stomach, people!


I have heard about Garuda Padang restaurant at Cairnhill Place for some time. But just never got around to try it until now. It is a Tung Lok restaurant, so it’s hardly surprising that the place is decorated nicely. White, posh, and spacious. However, unlike a fine dining establishment, you actually got to order the food at the counter instead of having the waiters taking your orders at the table.

True to my diet (hehe), I stick to only a few must try dishes when it comes to Padang food. Beef rendang, sayur daun singkong, telor balado (spicy egg padang style), and try a bit of ayam pop. Food-wise, Garuda really served Indonesian Padang food. Unlike some of the nasi padang restaurant which is very Malay. This one, the taste is really Indonesian. However, the level of hot and spiciness is actually far from what we are used to, back in Indonesia. You want hot and spicy, you gotta add the sambal (chilli sauce) by yourself!

Price wise, we spent $280 for 16 people. So that makes it less than $20 per pax. But if you eat in smaller group, chances are you’re gonna pay $20-25 per pax. Do I think this is expensive? I guess, for padang food, it can be considered expensive. There are places out there selling cheaper and more authentic padang food. Here, you actually paid for the nice place and service too.

One thing that I like, is the fact that they serve avocado juice with chocolate milk. Just like how we have it back in Indonesia. Unlike Sanur restaurant that served it with mocha (bleh), this one actually tastes like home…

I would actually recommend Garuda for special events or if you want to eat padang food in a nice setting. Not in the hot sweaty stall kind of place. And yes, they do give 15% discount for birthday. Net, this is a place I would actually come again. Not my number one favorite, but this will do!


At dinner time, me and my friend actually wanted to try Hometown restaurant at Smith Street. Alas, the place is closed on Sundays! We finally settled for another place, pointed out by my friend’s flatmate, who is also from Mainland. The place is called Sichuan Restaurant, at New Bridge Road. A very humble place frequented by Caucasian tourists and people from the Mainland.

Since there were only two of us, we tried to be wise and ordered only two dishes. The cold cucumber dish and the spicy fish. Taste-wise, they are actually not bad. Not the best I’ve ever tried, but certainly not bad. A place we can go again some other time. Reasonable price as well. We spent only less than $20 save for the beer I ordered.

Maybe it’s just me, but I think the spicy red color mixed with greens are so beautiful!


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