Posted by: tonkatsudelights | April 2, 2008

The Scar over My Left Eye

Is age catching up on me?

When I look into the mirror these days, there is one thing that becomes more and more obvious. No, I’m not talking about wrinkles. It’s the scar over my left eye. When I was younger that scar just didn’t look so obvious. But nowadays I can’t help but noticing.

That scar has been with me for about 30 years. Yes, I got it when I was only 3.

When I was a toddler, I could never call my grandpa properly. I had trouble pronouncing ‘engkong’, which means grandpa in… I don’t know what language. Cos obviously it’s not Malay/Bahasa. It’s probably Chinese dialect that is adapted to Bahasa?

Anyway, during that time I always called my grandpa ‘encong’ instead of ‘engkong’. But one day, I don’t know how, suddenly I could say it! My little kid’s heart was so happy that I just wanted to run and tell my mother, my father, my aunties… basically the rest of the family (that time we still stayed in one big house).

However, in my high spirit, I ran too fast and I ran into the sofa. Unfortunately, I hit the leg of the sofa on my face, just slightly above my left eye. Given that the leg of the sofa is made of steel, the next thing I saw was… blood everywhere! My mommy came to my rescue and I put my face on her lap where she had the clothes that she was sewing… My mom practically wiped the blood on my face with that piece of clothes… and I don’t remember anything else that happened after that.

Now, only the scar remains. The only reminder of the thing that happened that day.

Ooooh… now I miss my mom.


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