Posted by: tonkatsudelights | February 28, 2008

If All Meetings are Like This…


Once in awhile, there is a break to the endless business meetings in boring office buildings. That’s the time when we go offsite. On a workshop. And sometimes, only sometimes, … we get to go to a beautiful holiday location.

Like Da Nang. The beautiful, but laid back Da Nang.

The white sands beach at Furama Resort

Located almost halfway between HCMC and Saigon, near to Hue, the ancient capital of Vietnam, Da Nang is a tourist destination that is not yet much commercialized. Like many of other places in Vietnam. If you would like to experience something similar to Bali long before it became commercialized, to some extent, Vietnam can provide it.

We stayed in Furama International Resort, which according to the local buyer, used to be the best resort in Da Nang back 8 years ago. Now that the other resorts have come, like the luxurious Nam Hai, it’s no longer there at the top. But still, it’s a nice place and I can say it still meets international standard. Except for the food, which is unfortunate. We have better luck having dinner outside.

The two-tiered swimming pools at Furama Resort

Another view of Furama Resort

The bedroom. I normally would request a king-size bed for myself, but that time I just didn’t feel like asking.

Grilled seabass fillet, sauteed spinach, dill potatoes – our lunch main course, looks nice, but taste is so-so

Nevertheless, the room is nice and clean, and the beach is a white sandy beach with clear blue water. The sands are of fine grain and the beach feels much cleaner vs. some of the beaches I know in Bali. Yes, Da Nang is still far from commercialization. But I hope they will remain this way even when more and more visitors are coming.

Small local shops in Da Nang. Obviously, no shopping malls. And hardly any cars on the roads. Bike is the main mode of transport around here…

One thing that I like when I am in Vietnam is the fact that time seems to move at a slower pace vs. Singapore. So laid back. Even in HCMC, which is a city. Very refreshing. Sit down at the coffee shop by the roadside watching people and bikes go by. You feel like you have all the time in the world…

I want to go to Vietnam again!


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