Posted by: tonkatsudelights | February 28, 2008

Dining in Da Nang

One of the challenge for us when we were in Da Nang was to find a place to eat. Bored at the same meals that we had everyday in the resort, we finally decided that dining out was the way to go. Unfortunately, outside dining places are mostly located in the town side. Nothing much around the resort. So every dining trip was roughly about 20-30mins drive kind of thing.

One of the place that we went to, that I quite like in terms of the ambience, is Nam Long restaurant. Don’t dine inside, just go directly to the al fresco area outside, by the river. It was quite a sight to behold.

Entrance to Nam Long restaurant

Dining by the river…

This lady was dining and reading quietly. Until we came and destroyed the ambience… hehe…

Deep fried spring rolls. Nice! I ate so much of these…

The other restaurant that we went to is Apsara restaurant ( This one came with recommendation. Seems to be quite popular. They also have branches in other cities. And true enough, the place was jam-packed when we went there.

Apsara restaurant with their music show. Traditional instruments but they played modern popular songs from around the region.

They also have this dance show. Somehow… there was a general sense of excitement all around the room when this dancer showed up. I am not sure why…

Beef in coconut juice soup

Something that looks like fake scallops…

Garlic and butter crayfish

In overall, I find that the food in Da Nang is not up to my taste. Yes, the ambience may be nice. They may have entertainment to lure the guests to come. But still, they come short when it comes to the taste. I guess this is one thing that they have to fix when they have more and more visitors coming in.

Strangely enough, the meal that I enjoyed most during this Da Nang trip is this pork chop rice I ate when I was waiting for 5 hours in Tan Son Nhat airport…

Pork chop rice. Doesn’t look convincing but tastes quite good. Not the best I’ve ever tried, obviously (far from that, actually), but since the other meals in this trip were disappointing…


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