Posted by: tonkatsudelights | February 15, 2008

Valentine Day’s Special at Da Paolo La Terazza

This year we went to have our Valentine’s Day dinner at the Da Paolo La Terazza. Last minute booking, because I didn’t expect that place to be fully booked. Da Paolo is not the type of place that is uber-romantic where Singaporean guys like to do their marriage proposals on Valentine’s Day (so typical). Places like Au Jardin Les Amis and the former Lighthouse are more than suitable to serve that purpose.

Anyway, I went for Da Paolo for the food. This Valentine’s Day they have a special set menu that costs $125++ per person. No a la carte order for Valentine’s Day. Their menu:

Pan seared caramelized scallops and sea urchin with champagne and porcini mushroom puree

As the fan of scallop, sea urchin, and the arugula, I guess I have nothing to complain about this appetizer. The scallops and sea urchins are simply tasty. Maybe the only thing that is not really up to my liking is the mushroom puree. Somehow I miss the balsamic dressing.

Black truffle manicotti pasta filled with braised duck, duck liver, vegetables and red wine, served with its own consomme and mixed cherry tomatoes

The next one coming is the soup with two pieces of manicotti pasta. Manicotti pasta, similar to ravioli, has fillings inside. This time they filled it with a mixture of duck meat, duck liver, and vegetables. Yummy! I don’t particularly like the pasta, but the filling is quite nice. But the highlight of this dish is certainly the consomme itself. Simply delicious! We drank this soup until the last drop.

Grilled silver cod steak and rock lobster in armagnac and light cream sauce and baby asparagus

They have two options for main course. One is the silver codfish and the other one is the veal. As I do not particularly like the way Europeans do their veal, I opted for the grilled codfish instead. And this also turns out to be a very nice dish. Mind you, there are some high-end restaurants where I am always disappointed with the way they do their main course. The Cliff at Sentosa particularly came to mind as I have consistently been disappointed with their main courses, while at the same time crazy about their appetizers.

If I have to point out the reason why I love this more than the main courses in pricey establishment like The Cliff, it is probably the fact that they are able to mix the original taste of the fish and lobster with the sauce. Most Westerners would probably love just the original taste of the fish and the meat, whereas Asians prefer stronger taste of the sauce or dressing. But for me, it has to be both. What is the point of having the sauce there if not to complement the taste of the fish… right?

A pair of Tiramisu

Finally they close the dinner with tiramisu and a cup of coffee or tea. Too bad, I do not particularly like tiramisu. Wish they had served another dessert, like panna cotta for example. But then, it was all in a set. We did not really finish this dessert, but we were having fun snapping the pictures of the tiramisu as they come with a pair of two hearts, one being the inner heart, and the other one is the outer heart.

Trying to snap a picture of both hearts in a row…

Net,  a very satisfying Valentine’s Day dinner. And not too heavy, either. The only complaint —beside the tiramisu, of course— is the price. Just like what happen in all the other establishments all around the world on Valentine’s day, the set menu is somewhat overpriced. I am doing some rough calculation in my mind, and my estimate is they are about 20% more expensive than what they would charge on a normal day.


Happy Valentine’s day!


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