Posted by: tonkatsudelights | January 7, 2008

Have Mercy on My Passport, Please…

My current passport, which is only about 2 years old, is quickly running out of pages. By this rate, I am afraid it’s going to ‘live’ for only about 3 years. Like the previous passport. Way before its intended expiry, which is 5 years.

Besides the fact that I come from the country south of Singapore, and therefore need visa to visit almost every country except for ASEAN countries, it is not the only thing taking up the space. Some countries like US and Japan are generous enough to give 5-yr multiple entry visa. China and India do not mind with 6 to 12 months multiple entry visa. So, visa is not that much of a problem now.

It is the inconsiderate immigration officers who like to stamp wherever they like who’s wasting the space!

Like today. There is so much space in my passport that she could have stamped on, and yet, she just had to choose a fresh new empty page to put that stamp on!

When I got my passport back, I was ready to curse under my breath. But I finally was able to calm myself down and stopped myself from doing so. I told myself, no, she is not stupid. They are not stupid. They just don’t care. If my passport is running out of pages, it’s not their problem. It’s my problem.

So for now, I can only pray. Let the immigration officers who handle my passport in the future be considerate enough to save the pages.

Please… have mercy on my passport…


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