Posted by: tonkatsudelights | November 19, 2007

Another Tonkatsu Delights at Tonkichi

Hire Katsu

Some time ago, we went to Tonkichi to have another serving of tonkatsu (yayyy!), only to find that the place was being renovated. Disappointment. For sure.

Now that it opens its doors again, we have been back there again three times within the last one week! Yeah… yeah… tonkatsu is our favorite dish these days… I guess there is a reason why this blog is named tonkatsu delights. Hehe.

The Left WingFrankly, we didn’t feel a significant difference in the smell of the place. The place still looks the same. Especially in the right wing (i.e. the room on your right hand side when you entered the restaurant.

The left wing, though, changed quite a bit. Similar lay-out as before, it’s just that the color impression of the furniture and the wall is now darker than before. Reminds me more of those eating places in Japan. Make me all the more eager to go to Japan next month!

Our favorite menu is still the same. Hire Katsu and Hire Katsu Don. $43.55 after GST and service charge each time. We prefer hire katsu much to rosu katsu. Softer and less chewy. With hire katsu, you never have to struggle with every bite!

Hire Katsu DonWe noticed that Tonkichi serves roasted green tea, as opposed to the regular green tea often served by other local Japanese food establishments. This is the kind of tea that is typically served during winter and autumn in Japan.

I don’t know when our tonkatsu streak will end. I guess… when we grow sick of it? Maybe at that time, I will then rename my blog with another food name. Hehe.

But for now, it’s tonkatsu yayyyy!!!



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