Posted by: tonkatsudelights | November 8, 2007

Hungry in Changi…

… in the middle of the night. What to do?

We often find ourselves hungry in the middle of the night. Sometimes it’s because we just don’t have time to have dinner (and therefore resort to having supper instead). Sometimes it’s simply because we are, well… hungry in the middle of the night, for some strange reasons…

Breeks Cafe ChangiThere are a few places where we usually go to when such things happened. The Taiwanese porridge house on Clementi Rd, just beside the Cheese Prata shop and Fong Seng Nasi Lemak. Popiah in Newton. Crystal Jade in Holland V. Coffee Club Express on Orchard Rd. Founder Bakuteh. And once in a blue moon, when we’re bored of all these we just went to Chatterbox in Mandarin Hotel.

There were this one time when we were taking a stroll at Changi beach around 10-11pm at night. Looking at the planes that are going down to make a landing at Changi airport. Having a little chat. Looking at people all around.

And suddenly we were hungry.

So there we went to Changi airport. We thought, well… we might be able to catch dear friend Humphy as well cos that very same night she was flying back to UK (too bad… when we called Humph, she was already on the airside).

Most of the restaurants in Changi airport are already closed at that time. But in Terminal 2 on the second floor, Breeks cafe is still open. And they are open till very late.

Frankly the food in Breeks Cafe is not really special, but they do provide a good alternative for us when we’re hungry at night. Especially past midnight. Cos there are not so many places where you can go during that time.

Breeks' Chef SaladTheir Breeks’ Chef salad is an easy thing to eat, especially when the chicken ham strip is sliced narrow and thin. But this kind of thing can be hit and miss. Depending so much on the cook. The other few times, either in the same outlet or in another outlet, the Chef salad didn’t really come the way it should be. No consistency.

The Safari Feast is basically an appetizer platter, a quick way to try most of the appetizers in Breeks. The shrimp popcorn is good, the waffle fries and the buffalo wings are okay, but they seriously should improve on the fried calamari rings. To note, I love thin calamari ring which is deep fried to the crisp. Their calamari rings, however, are big and soft and far from crispy.

Mussel ShooterMussel shooters is NZ mussels poured over with tangy ceviche. The mussels are standard, of course, so the dish depends much on the sauce. Which, in this case, is quite nice. I wouldn’t be crazily hooked on this dish though.

Their spaghetti with beef bolognaise sauce is acceptable. A good alternative when you don’t really know what else to eat and when you’re not feeling very adventurous to try something new.

On the dessert menu, we’ve tried the Peach Melba and the Towering Cioccolato. The cioccolato is not bad. But seriously, how much can you go wrong with scoops of chocolate and vanilla ice cream, fudge, and cream? Anyway, what we really want to try now is the Massive Attack. That’s a huuuuuuge cup of ice cream with oreo and cream. Next time, next time.

Spaghetti with beef bolognaise sauceAnother thing we like about Breeks Changi is the privacy that some table offers. We can hide in one cubicle and sit peacefully and quietly. The waiters occassionally walked past by us, but not that much. And when they do, they don’t actually pay that much of attention to us and what we do.

As with a lot of other cafes or restaurants, the quality of each outlet is different. The same thing applies to Breeks. We haven’t tried too many outlets yet, however, between Changi airport and Ngee Ann City, I’d choose Changi airport anytime.

So when you are stranded in the middle of the night in Changi airport Terminal 2, look no further. You might find us there in the corner of Breeks cafe.


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