Posted by: tonkatsudelights | October 17, 2007

When Pho 24 is not the Pho 24 You Know…

The news of Pho 24 opening in Singapore is a delight.

It’s because we love pho so much. And the thought of having a good bowl of pho here in Singapore is something worth rejoicing!

Pho 24 opened last month in Millenia Walk. Now if you come to Millenia Walk, you simply can’t miss it. It’s right there near the entrance. With big familiar green signs of Pho 24. Simply impossible to miss.

The time that we came was not really a busy time. It was on a lazy Sunday afternoon. There was no queue and we got our table really really quickly. I heard that if you come during dinner time, you might have to queue to get your table. I don’t know. I haven’t seen it by myself.

I ordered their promo set, which is a bowl of pho with beef brisket (pho chin), fresh shrimp roll, Vietnamese coffee, and the sweet glutinous rice dessert. My friend went with their beef noodle soup that comes with beef brisket too (pho tai, chin).

At first, the waitress gave us a plate of veggies that are to be eaten with the pho. Beansprout, chilli, onion — the usual stuff. Only one plate for both of us. We looked at the veggie and apparently the look on our face revealed that we think it’s too little, as the waitress quickly said that we can ask for more if we want. But actually, that was not the only thing on our mind. The veggie is not fresh!

When the pho came, unfortunately, it also turned out to be a disappointment. Probably because we have high expectation for Pho 24, based on previous experience with them in HCMC. This one, the soup was a bit tasteless.

I wouldn’t comment so much on the fresh shrimp roll as I myself am not a big fan of fresh shrimp roll. Yes, I like them deep fried. So there. Won’t comment a thing on that. I am, though, a fan of Pho 24’s sweet glutinous rice dessert. The first time I ordered the Pho 24 set in HCMC and got that dessert, I looked at it and thought that the look was not appetising at all. The viscous purplish stuff. However, the people in HCMC office managed to convince me to try it. And I have been a fan ever since.

The Singapore version, again unfortunately, is not as nice as the HCMC one. Not as sweet. Borderline tasteless. Which makes me wonder — are they trying to lighten the taste considering Singaporeans’ preference of weaker taste vs. their neighbours in South East Asia?

Well, I hope not. I hope they are just in their learning curve. And will improve in time.

Otherwise, the Pho 24 in Singapore will never be the Pho 24 I know.



  1. Pho…reminds me of my eye infection trip in VN…sigh

  2. sorry to hear that… but VN is a nice country to visit. maybe you should bring your dearie on a trip to VN 🙂 these days airtickets are cheap, no?

  3. where’s HCMC?

  4. har? you don’t know HCMC?

    HCMC is Ho Chi Minh City… of course it’s in Vietnam lar…

  5. Such a pity. I’ve heard others also echo the same viewpoint, that this Pho24 is not as good as the one in VN. So few GOOD vietnamese joints in Singapore!

  6. Really? Meaning I’m not the only one who have this opinion… hmmm…

    I hope they will improve over time. Hopefully this is just their learning curve time.

    Any recommendation where to get good pho in Singapore?

  7. Hi,

    Just accidentally, I found this blog when I search for Pho24 in Singapore. As a Vietnamese who has just moved in here (Singapore) nearly 3 months, I desperately miss Vietnamese food. And yes, Pho 24 in Singapore is not really good but compare to other Vietnamese food, I still think it’s the best, haha. I don’t know why whenever I try Vietnamese food here, I have the same feeling: “Gosh, this is not Vietnamese at all!” I think the reason may come from the lack of ingredients since we use many seasonal, special type of leaves or flower or other ingredients to cook.

    Reading your opinion about Vietnamese food motivates me a lot to seriously think about open a REAL Vietnamese restaurant in Singapore someday. Arghh, how much I wanna do that to lessen my obsession of missing Vietnamese food.

    Thanks very much for your compliment regarded to Vietnam ^______^

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