Posted by: tonkatsudelights | October 11, 2007

The Big Bold Red Kingfisher Airlines


When it comes to India domestic airlines, I have always been flying Jet Airways faithfully.

That is, until last week, when I finally tried Kingfisher Airlines for the very first time (

Kingfisher Airlines was founded by Dr. Vijay Mallya, Chairman and CEO of UB Group. The very same people who brought us Kingfisher beers. Now, as a foreigner with very little knowledge about Dr. Mallya, here’s what I know about him. That he is the second generation in the family to run the business (he didn’t start the beer business). He raced cars in his youth. He is known as the ‘King of Good Times’. He enjoys lavish and glamorous parties. F1 parties onboard his personal yacht was the talk of the town. Now, with reputation like this, what kind of airlines do you think he will found?

A top-notch quality airlines with full entertainment. It is said that he personally hand-picked the stewardesses. Which might explain why the stewardesses onboard Kingfisher Airlines look like models. When the other domestic airlines in India do not provide entertainment, he equipped the aircraft with private TV on each single seat. He gave free headphones in the goody bag for each passenger. He referred to each passenger as ‘guest’, as all of us are supposed to be his guests onboard the aircraft.

 –> Private TV on each single seat. A feature that other India domestic airlines wouldn’t have, unless the flight is a leg of an international one.


–> The goody bag with free headphones, ballpoint, refreshing tissues, airlines schedule, and sweets. Excuse me for the bad quality pictures. Later if I have time I take better pictures of them.

And what do you think the color that he chose as the signature color of his airlines?

It’s RED. Red everywhere. Aggressive. Bold. Brave. Sexy. Wild. Glamorous. All the qualities associated with Dr. Mallya himself.

I guess I may not be wrong to say that he is the Richard Branson of India. He has himself written all over Kingfisher Airlines, just like Branson’s on Virgin. I mean, what other airlines in the world, that when you stepped onboard the aircraft, then you think about the Chairman/CEO? C’mon… most of the time you wouldn’t even know who the Chairman/CEO of the airlines is!

 –> The red Kingfisher First…

 –> … and the red Kingfisher class seats.

If there is one thing I think that Kingfisher is lagging behind Jet Airways, it is in the food section. But then again, don’t fault me. I’ve only tried Kingfisher once, and that too on economy class. I couldn’t wait for Kingfisher to be granted the rights to fly internationally. Then I might try their Kingfisher First.

Another thing, I find it most troublesome to buy the ticket for Kingfisher Airlines because I need to ask somebody in India to purchase it for me. With the other airlines, I simply do it from Singapore. Now if they can make it easier for us to buy from abroad… that’ll be very very helpful.

Now if I have to fly again in India, my no. 1 choice would be Kingfisher Airlines. Never mind about the food. I guess this is how when you have fallen in love. You are willing to overlook some of the qualities where they come short.

Yes, you might say it. This sexy red bird has really caught my heart.



  1. if im not mistaken, Kingfisher orders A380.. wow

  2. really? wow!

    i think kingfisher is trying to lobby so that they can fly international — currently airlines must fly at least 5 years in domestic market before expanding to international flights… kingfisher is not yet 5 years, no? so i think they’d like an exemption or change of regulation. will be nice to have kingfisher flying international.

  3. too bad you didn’t have a picture of the stewardess… *curious*

  4. can anyone say will they allow to tak headphones to my home…or after use we hav to submit it.

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