Posted by: tonkatsudelights | October 5, 2007

Goa Marriott – Brown water no more

Five years ago when I went to Goa for the very first time, I stayed in Goa Marriott. That was also my first trip to India and I was a bit nervous. So I thought, staying in an international hotel chain like Marriott should help.

Yeah… right.

That stay turned out to be disastrous. Even for me, who usually can tolerate many discomforts during a trip.

The hotel maintenance was bad. I could feel the dusts everywhere. Even when I touched the water bottle in the room, I could feel that it was dusty. Same case when I touched any other surface.

But the worst of all was… the colour of the water that came out from the tap. It was brown and muddy! Both from the tap in the sink and in the shower. Imagine my horror when I first saw it.

Needless to say, I couldn’t bathe when I stayed there. I brushed and washed up using the bottled water. Luckily I stayed for only one night. Otherwise, imagine the smell…

After that trip, I never return to Goa Marriott again. I chose to stay at a Taj property in my subsequent visits to Goa.

Until this week when I finally came back to visit Goa after so many years. My direct report booked us rooms at Goa Marriott. At first I was hesitant, but then I thought… if he has been staying in Goa Marriott all this time and it was okay for him, maybe I should then give it a try again.

And I was right to do so. Goa Marriott is brown water no more. The hotel is much cleaner and much brighter. But most importantly, the water is clear.

Goa Marriott is located at the beach near Panaji, the capital city of Goa. Now, Goa is a popular destination for tourism in India. October is the start of the tourist season now that the rainy season has stopped. So I see a lot of westerners and tourists from other asian countries — onboard the flight to Goa, in the hotel, in the city. Everywhere.

Goa is famous for its beach resorts. But the good ones are located at the southern part of Goa. Unluckily for Goa Marriott, the beach and the sea where it is located is not beautiful. The colour of the sea water is brown due to the muddy water flowing from the river. And the sands are brown as well. Nevertheless, if you sit at the hotel lobby at night you can enjoy the breeze and the nightview of the beach. And it is so relaxing. Making me envious of those people that are there on vacation.

Here are a few shots of Goa Marriott. The room. The swimming pool. The beach.




Goa Marriott. Brown water no more.


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