Posted by: tonkatsudelights | October 5, 2007

Delhi – Chandigarh – Bhopal – Mumbai on Jet Airways

If I have to pick a local airline in India to fly on, that would be Jet Airways.

Good service (they sent some of their flight attendants to train with Singapore Airlines, btw). Clean and new interior. Good maintenance. Reliable timing. What else can I ask for?

(Hmmm… maybe this week after I fly on Kingfisher Airlines I will know what I am missing. Or maybe not. Kingfisher Airlines boasts on their flight attendants that supposedly look like models. Let’s see!)

Among all airlines in India, Jet Airways has the nicest after-meal mints. For those of you who don’t know, Indians have a habit of munching minty seeds after their meal. Basically the mints are almost the same, but sometimes some other herbs and seeds are added, and thus changes the taste and the fragrance.

I do not especially like munching after meal mints in general, but sometimes I am tempted to. So that’s how I came to try Jet Airways mints. But you know what? I guess I’d better not munch those mints when I’m in Singapore or elsewhere… Somebody somewhere may not want my kisses anymore… ehm…

Jet Airways typically uses Boeing 737 planes for their domestic flights connecting major cities. But this trip, I was quite surprised to see that they used a small plane, ATR 72 that fits only 64 passengers, to fly from Delhi to Chandigarh! But it was an experience lah… at least for once try the ATR plane. Hehe…

Besides that I found that the temperature inside the ATR plane was quite warm. Usually you will freeze inside an aircraft due to their subhuman temperature (hehe… according to my standard of course), but this time it was pretty warm. And you know what I found inside the seat pocket in front of me?

A fan!

Yeah, a laminated manual fan with the world class experience written on it! 🙂 Hehe…

Such is a world class experience onboard Jet Airways!

Anyway, don’t get me wrong. I like Jet Airways. Otherwise I wouldn’t have flown with them so many times. Too many times until I am thinking to sign up for their loyalty program, now that they have a tie-up with some international airlines. Initially I didn’t apply because I was thinking I ain’t gonna use the miles anyway. But now…

I’m reconsidering…

Here’s a picture of people queueing to get inside the ATR plane.

These days, we didn’t really walk on the tarmac that much eh?

From the gate we usually walk directly into the plane. But domestic flights in India, especially to smaller cities, mean that you will have to ride on a bus and walk on the tarmac to get into the plane.

Hehe… That gives me the chance to snap the pics of these two airports. Chandigarh and Bhopal.


Welcome to Chandigarh! The City Beautiful.

Somehow I feel that there is something wrong with the grammar…

Anyway… 😀

Food-wise, Jet Airways is generally good. No complaint. Of course, almost 100% of the time, food served in domestic flights would be… Indian food!

No surprise, of course. It’s just that sometimes I miss variety of food during my trip in India. It’s usually day and night Indian food. Without fail. Whether I’m on the ground. Or when I’m flying.

Towards the end of the trip I am usually scrambling to find some food much closer to home…


Breakfast, lunch, and dinner onboard Jet Airways.

Notice the small bottle of water? I love to take these small bottles home because I think they are quite practical for me to bring to my class. One bottle is only 220ml. Whereas in other countries, like Indonesia, 220ml is the size of a cup. Not a bottle.


When in India, fly Jet Airways.

That is, until I try flying on Kingfisher airlines for the very first time…


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