Posted by: tonkatsudelights | October 5, 2007

Charge at Your Own Risks

Have you ever seen something like this?

It is one of the popular feature you can find in most of major airports, including in India. Mobile phone charging station. You can find it usually in the waiting area for passengers. People can charge their mobile phones while waiting to board their flights.

Since it is in public place, obviously you have to have good control over your mobile phone when you leave it for charging. One of my team members, a young Indian guy, once forgot to take back his mobile phone. He left to board the plane, then realized that he missed his mobile phone when he was onboard, quickly went down… but it was too late…

By the time he reached the charging station, his mobile phone was gone.

No surprise.

There are just some places that you know when you leave something in public place, it’s gone for good. And there are some places where you know can expect to find them again. Once I left my Guess sunglasses inside a bus from Kansai airport to Kobe Sannomiya. Sunglasses may not be an item of value, but in some places you know for sure even you can’t expect to retrieve things like your sunglasses back once you leave them in public place.

But Japan is surely one place where you can expect to see them again. People actually return thing when they find it. And bus companies keep track of the lost and found items. I was able to call their hotline and retrieve my sunglasses, a week after I lost them.

Imagine the same scenario in Indonesia.

I’d better be ready to say goodbye to my sunglasses forever.


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