Posted by: tonkatsudelights | October 1, 2007

The Sweet Lure of Indian Desserts

I’ll be going to India again in a couple of days. And as much as I wish I didn’t have to go —think about  my unfinished packing, and a whole lot of other stuffs— there are several things that I do enjoy when I am in India.

Oh no, not several. Only a couple of things. And they both are sweet and milky Indian desserts.

The first one is gulab jamun. The fried milk solid balls dipped in sweet syrup (yes, you can imagine how sweet that is). In my last India trip, I ate this stuff for desserts 3 nights in a row! (a very clear reason why I can’t get slim on a business trip to India…)

–> Gulab jamun from Copper Chimney Restaurant, Chandigarh.

And the second is kulfi. The Indian-style ice cream. Very strong milky taste.

–> Kulfi (and grapes) onboard Singapore Airlines on my flight back from Mumbai to Singapore.

Just the thoughts of eating them again and my body shivers with happiness. Slurrrp!

But comes to think of it, I don’t have to go to India to eat these stuffs. I know I can find them in Singapore as well. And yes, I once ate them in Shahi Maharani restaurant in Raffles City. And I believe, there are so many other places in Singapore that sells them, considering the high concentration of Indians here.

Indian restaurant next time?


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