Posted by: tonkatsudelights | September 22, 2007

Rest and Relax in Bali (Part 5) – Murni’s Warung

This is the last place in this Bali trip that I will review. A place that I often visit whenever I come to Ubud. Murni’s Warung.

This time around the weather was not that pleasant. It was raining since early morning. It was not really rainy season, but probably it’s because Ubud is in higher plains it receives more rain than the beach side. When we went down to the beach side, there was no rain at all. Sunshiny day all day!

Murni’s Warung is part of an enterprise that offers not only restaurant, but also villa, houses, and gallery ( According to their website the restaurant was opened back in 1974. Whether it was built in the same location, I am not too sure.

Murni’s Warung shares the place with the gallery. From outside you hardly can tell that it is a restaurant. It actually looks more like a gallery, with all the paintings, sculptures, and other art crafts adorning the shop.

Once you enter Murni’s Warung and find the restaurant, don’t stop there. That’s only the first floor. Go down and you’ll find more the 2nd floor and 3rd floor down. The 2nd floor is also for dining, but the 3rd floor is the bar. All along you will find more paintings and sculptures, and yes, most of them are for sale.

But don’t stop there. Go down further and you’ll find the 4th floor, which is the lowest floor and the closest to the river. That is my favorite floor.

 –> The 4th floor, the lowest floor.

 –> Looking up from the lowest floor…

Food-wise, Murni’s Warung is not too special, but also not too bad. I usually go for the Indonesian fare, but frankly, I can find better ones in Jakarta. I went there mostly for the ambience. Traditional, artsy, and relaxing. With the sound of the river flowing in the background. And it feels magical at night.

This time I ordered the Murni’s satay set. And it came complete with the burning charcoal. A nice touch on the presentation. The peanut sauce, however, was rather thin and bland. So I had to ask for sweet soy sauce to mix it. But other than that, it was alright.


 The banana fritters, however, was much disappointing. It was hard and overcooked. They sprinkled sugar and cinnamon on top of the fritters, which made me dislike them further. Yepz, I am not a big fan of cinnamon. In fact, I avoid cinnamon whenever possible.

All in all, Murni’s Warung is a decent place to eat and they charged you decently as well. Decently by touristy place standard, that is. Hehe.

Still, it’s one of the place you can consider to relax on a lazy afternoon, when you’re in Ubud.



  1. Murni’s Warung is my favourite restaurant in Bali. Been going there for years – and it is the same spot as the original. Love the food, love the art, love the atmosphere.


  2. Hi Bud, glad you enjoy Murni’s Warung too! Yes, it is one of my favourite hang-out place in Ubud.

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