Posted by: tonkatsudelights | September 17, 2007

Rest and Relax in Bali (Part 4) – Dinner at the Jimbaran Beach

One of the must do in Bali for the first time visitor is… dinner at the Jimbaran beach.

Now if you recall, Jimbaran beach is the setting for the bomb explosion back in October 2005, just three weeks before the 3-yr anniversary of the first Bali bombing. But as time goes by, they rebuilt the place again and now if you come there, you probably won’t realize that the place used to be a bomb wreckage.

Jimbaran beach is a soft white sands beach. Not so much popular during the day as there is no water sport activity. Unlike Kuta that has local and foreign surfers, and crowded with local public as well. But Jimbaran is the place to go for dinner and sunset.

If you come there you’ll find a long stretch of restaurant along the beach. And they all offer almost the same thing. BBQ seafood by the beach. View of the sunset. You can also see planes landing and taking off far away in the background. From there you can see the runway of Ngurah Rai International Airport…

Another thing is, in each restaurant you will also encounter local street musicians entertaining you in a group. Guitar, bass, and percussion. Amazingly, they can sing songs, not only in English, but also in Japanese, Chinese, and Korean language. But of course, at the end you gotta pay them for their service.

The food itself is of fairly good quality, at least if I compare them with the bbq seafood I found in similar type of restaurants in Singapore. And more importantly… our bill didn’t come expensive. We had fish, sea prawns, river prawns, clams, and veggie… and the bill was only about Rp 300,000, or approximately SGD 50-60. And we got so much more.

–> Afternoon at the Jimbaran beach. View of the sunset from where we were sitting.

–> Long stretches of restaurants along the beach.

–> The food!


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