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Rest and Relax in Bali (Part 3) – The Luxury that is Amanusa

For a long time I have been very eager to try staying in Amanresorts for my holiday. The reputation has been very good. All-round service. Privacy. Beautiful landscape and design.

And so this time I went for a 2-night stay in Amanusa. I booked a Garden suite (US$700++ per night) but as all the Garden suite were fully booked, they automatically upgraded us to the Deluxe Garden suite (US$900++ per night). Very generous of them to do so 🙂 And as Indonesian, I got a 50% discount… so yes, I think this is really a good bargain!

Our experience with Amanusa began with the complimentary hotel pick-up. I like the flexibility that they offered. They didn’t give a big fuss about the pick-up location. Usually guests will request a pick-up at the airport, which is located nearby to the resort, but they were actually flexible enough to pick us up in Ubud, which is further up north. Compare this with the Four Seasons hotel. Initially I booked a one-night stay in the Four Seasons at the Jimbaran Bay (roughly the same price, ~$700++ per night, but with private pool), but they actually charged us for the pick-up in Ubud. And no 50% discount as what Amanusa gave me.

The moment we arrived we were guided directly to the suite. There is no need for us to check in at the counter. Standard service offered by big luxury hotels everywhere. By the way, I looooooove their welcome drink. It’s chrysantemum ice tea with orange. Very nice and fresh!

–> Welcome drink and welcome fruit. The chrysantemum ice tea with orange is addictive. I want!

A few shots of Amanusa Deluxe Garden suite:

–> the living room.

–> the heavenly four-poster bed.

The terrace, overlooking the golf course. A place to linger in the morning and laze around in the afternoon.

The bathroom sinks. That is not a mirror image, btw. They really have two separate sinks so we don’t have to fight. Hehe.

The indoor bath tub. Outside of the glass window is a pond. Perfect for a romantic bubble bath at night. With candlelights only. There are a total of 3 places where you can bathe in the suite. This bath tub. The inside shower. And the outdoor shower.

The outdoor shower. A perfect place to shower after a day on the beach. You don’t want the sands inside the bath tub or in the inside shower.

The concept that Amanusa offered really is ‘do everything that you want and we will see to it that it happens’. For example, you can have your meal anywhere you want. In their restaurants, of course. On your bed. In the bale. On the beach. By the poolside.

Chicken congee for breakfast at the terrace. Arranged very nicely.

Lunch by the beach. The BBQ pork ribs somehow is very Indonesian taste. Instead of bbq sauce it seems that they use sweet soy sauce.

–> view from the Terrace restaurant.

If you want to arrange a private dinner on the beach you can have the beach and the bale for yourself. Complete with two people to attend to your need. One is for cooking; the other one is for serving. Unfortunately when we were there the wind was quite strong and they put the fire too far away. As the result it was quite cold and dark. At the end we had to retreat to the beach bale.

The bar closes at night. But if you want to sit down at the bar in the middle of the night to have some drink they can open the bar for you.

They also can come up with some food items that are not on the menu. I ordered banana fritters, which is nowhere in the menu. And lo and behold! There it is…. a plate of banana fritters. The interesting thing is they actually didn’t order or buy it from somewhere else. They were ready with the ingredients and they made it by themselves.

Amanusa could have been even better if they are actually located by the beach. Their beach is about 5-mins drive away and they provide a car to transport guests to and from the beach. Another complaint is the availability of the beach bale during the day. They have 35 suites and only 12 bales! Luckily the beach club staff can come up with some creative solution and provide us with something to sit down under the umbrella.

Another downside of Amanusa is their spa and massage service. They do not really have facility that is built purposely for this. So they converted one of the guest suite and turn it into a spa. Or alternatively, you can have the massage in your suite or the beach. I tried their ginger and strawberry treatment, a 3-hr treatment of ginger & strawberry rub and massage. Not very satisfying, though. It could have been better.

Net, I definitely would like to come back to an Amanresorts property. Their service is top notch and their design is a beauty to behold. There is a world of Amanresorts that are yet to be explored!



  1. Wow! US700 per night!

    Looks really luxurious though and skies were so blue!

  2. Yeah… the place is really excellent and addictive! Top notch service, you won’t feel like you’re just another guest.

    When we were down on the beach side the weather was perfect. The sky was so blue… the photos were not photoshopped, btw. They are original!

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