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Rest and Relax in Bali (Part 1) – The Journey There and Back

Long overdue posts on Bali trip. Been busy with work and house-hunting. I decided to post it in 5 shorter parts. Otherwise it will never get posted. This is the first of the series…


Bali. A very beautiful island, no doubt. Nice beaches, mountain, and countryside. Rich in arts and culture. Traditional dance, handicrafts, temples. Water sports. Night life. Spa and massage. Budget hotels to luxurious resorts.

If I may sum up… Bali has everything for everyone.

And it has always been one of my favorite destinations for vacation. So when I was looking for a place for holiday earlier this month, and when I found out that most of the islands and beaches in Thailand are either having showers or thunderstorms, I looked no further than Bali. The last thing I want is to be trapped in the hotel room, not being able to go out to the beach because it is raining cats and dogs outside. I guess, if I want to be trapped in the room, I can do it so at home. No need to go all the way to Bali.

Hehe. Not that I hate being trapped in a room, though. As long as I am with the right person, anything will do.


As I only booked the flights 2 days in advance, most of the award redemption tickets from Singapore Airlines have been snapped up. No good options on economy saver and economy class, so I went for business saver redemption. Managed to snatch two seats, finally. But the only complication was, our seats flying there were not side-by-side. It was a full business class and the only seats remaining were scattered here and there.

Our attempt to swap seats in the counter were not successful at all. Also at the gate. But luckily, in the cabin, a gentleman and a lady agreed to swap seats with us. Thank you, Mam… Thank you, Sir… Both of you are so understanding. 🙂

SQ 946 C Class –> Old regional business class on SQ 946. We get the newer one on SQ 947.

As usual, the flight was smooth. The service was great. Nothing much to complain about. Except for a totally annoying family. Looks like they are Europeans. From the father to the little daughter, all have attitudes that are simply annoying. Looking down on people. Disrespectful when talking to the flight attendants or other passengers.

But then again, this is my vacation. Why bother? Hehe.

For our Singapore-Denpasar flights, SQ served light meal on our way there and dinner on our way back. But since this is a short 2-hr plus flight, they offer a more simple meal. Here’s what we had for our light meal and dinner.

Light Meals on SQ 946

Biryani Rice Grilled salmon

A Savoury Note – Yam somo (Thai-style pomelo with prawn salad). A little bit dry and tasteless, if not for the dressings. I ended up finishing the prawns only.

The Main Events – we went for Murgh Biryani (biryani rice) and the grilled salmon in tarragon sauce with sauteed capsicums, zucchini, and boiled potatoes. Not bad, but not extremely tasty. The biryani rice is comparable to what you can find in some foodcourts in Singapore, just a little bit too dry. The challenge of maintaining how the food looks and feels 30,000 miles above the ground…

The Sweet Note – Ben & Jerry’s ice cream. Vanilla and berry nice.

Dinner on SQ 947

A Savoury Note – Grilled octopus salad with palm heart and fennel in citrus dressing.

The Main Events – My choice is Ah Yat’s braised beef brisket and tendon in five spice sauce, Chinese greens, and ee fu noodles.

A Sweet Note – Chocolate and orange cake.

What can I say about the dinner? I think this is probably the most disappointing business class meals on SQ that I’ve ever tried. I am not sure if this is because of the origin (i.e. Denpasar) or simply because of the menu. I tend to think it’s due to the former. I’ve tasted some ee fu noodle meal on SQ before and it tasted much better! The taste of the food in this particular dinner, from the appetizer to the dessert was not quite right. It was simply something I could not discern.

Anyway, these are just little details in our vacation trip. It was a good trip in overall, and I couldn’t have asked for more.



  1. Gawd, I need a getaway….

  2. Then go go go! When you’re stressed a weekend getaway will do. How about the next kelong trip?

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