Posted by: tonkatsudelights | August 22, 2007

To Escape or Not To Escape

Last week was pretty eventful at work. Country review. Spendpool review. Scorecard review. Everything they can review, was reviewed.


And me being me, there are always things to reflect on.

In the midst of all those busy reviews, I fell sick last week. Felt nauseous, wanted to vomit, slight fever… I was not quite sure what. It felt like heartburn, but it could as well be just the ‘wind’. I took the medicine and slept. But in the morning I still felt a bit sick.

I woke up at 4am and lied on my bed thinking what I should do. The temptation of calling in sick was so strong. Why not? It would certainly release me quickly from the need of having to prepare review material with one of my boss. And yes, just either reschedule or excuse myself from 6 other meetings on that day. Easy way out. Don’t have to prepare myself for all those meetings.

Yes, that was exactly what I would do in my younger carefree days. But this time I am glad I didn’t make the same choice. I chose to wake up, prepared my review material and went on to work. And I am really glad I did not run away. That day was a good day at work.

(And I am not saying that you should go to work if you are badly sick. I am not crazy. In this case I was only a bit sick.)

And when I got to work that day, I saw exactly the same thing happening with one of the buyer. This buyer no longer reports to me now, but I coached him to prepare the review material to our boss taking into account my responsibility as the leaving manager. Two things I was able to recognize from him, probably because I used to be at the same spot. And probably my then manager was able to see it as well…

First, he avoids making commitment. He avoids setting the targets for each of the projects he is planning for his buyers. I mean, he knows roughly how much we spend for all those projects, he could easily make an 80:20 estimate. But no, he chose not to, regardless of the coaching given. He chose to show everything as ‘TBD’ or ‘To Be Determined’. And he sent me the review material only 1 hr before the review with our boss, which clearly didn’t give me enough time to give him proper coaching. Predictably, at the end of the review there was an e-mail sent out by our boss to that buyer’s manager,  saying that he is ‘… very disappointed that the team was unprepared in their reviews.’

Second, he is running away from reviews. He tries to reschedule his own personal review to another day. Again. It happens for so many times already. Not only this time. It looks to me that reviews are very painful to him. Yes, reviews are painful when you are not ready or when you are not performing. And I am not saying that I am in love with reviews or something like that. I hate unnecessary reviews that only add unnecessary work load. I think reviews should be done on regular basis, depending on what is necessary to get the job done. But they do serve to be a good control mechanism, especially when done effectively.

To escape or not to escape from work. That is the question.

And for me, these days, my answer is clear.



  1. work is a bitch ain’t it?
    Am taking a break now…surfing…envious?
    well you probably can retire, seeing how rich you are:P

  2. heheh… very busy haven’t been able to post and reply for a long time…

    😛 I’m not envious lah… hehe… because I’m realistic. I want to achieve certain goals in life, before taking my full-time vacation, i.e. retirement. In the meantime I cherish a few vacations I can have here and there.

    I’m a contradiction, btw —- I’m realistic and yet I’m a dreamer. I’m competitive and yet I don’t see the need of keeping up with the Joneses. Or, in Singapore’s case, keeping up with the Tans!

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