Posted by: tonkatsudelights | August 2, 2007

The Girl Whom I Called Nut

A long time friend came from Bangkok earlier this week. We are colleagues, actually. But throughout these years, our relationship seems more like a friendship.

I knew her since 1999 when we were participating in the same training in Guangzhou. We spent almost 3 months hanging out together. Had dinner together for most of the days. At some points she even retreated to stay in my hotel room to study together. Yes, that’s one of the reasons. But another one actually is because… her room was full of the stuffs she bought for her family and friends that she had nowhere to sleep on!

Nut is her nickname. Old nickname. She has a new one now. But she told me, it’s okay for me to call her Nut if I feel awkward with the new name.

Nut is a fun girl. The type that always brings smiles and laughters to other people. And she is inspiring. She believes in doing good to people and in developing other people. In her case, it’s even more obvious. Her subordinates were mostly technicians and before she came and led them, they were the notorious ones in the plant. The ones with the worst attitude and capability. The ones that other people think were hopeless case.

And it took somebody like Nut to finally develop them. Bring them back on track. Someone who believes in them. Interestingly, whether she realized it or not, she applies something that is very similar to discipleship in the bible. She focused on developing the 5 team leaders, and in turn the team leaders go and develop their team members. A total of 80 people. It’s the ‘paying it forward’ concept. It’s discipleship.

If you look at her happy exterior, you won’t know that she actually has gone through, and is going through, some tough times. It’s not that she chose to hide all her sadness and worries inside. It’s just that she chose not to be all sad and worried.

Nut lost her mother when she was a baby. Her father brought her up with the help of her grandma and aunties. And she lost her father when she was in the university. She has no siblings at all, so that made her the only one left from her direct family.

In this kind of situation, it is only normal and understandable if she would feel sad and bitter. But Nut decided not to. She refused to feel sad. Not because she is in denial. But because she believes that things happened for the better. That there is always a silver lining in every cloud.

She doesn’t want people to know that she has lost her parents. That she’s all alone in this world. She doesn’t want people to take pity on her.

When she graduated from the university, all her aunties were so worried that she’d feel lonely on her graduation day. All other students would have their parents coming over to the ceremony. But who would come for Nut? So what happened was, all of her aunties decided to come over to her graduation ceremony. And suddenly Nut became the only one student with the biggest contingent!

I’m not saying that Nut is perfect. No, she’s just human and yes, there are things that I personally think she could be better at. But then again, each one of us has our own improvement areas, don’t we?

Right now Nut is going through some tough times at work. Her boss is giving her a hard time. And that is something she has to deal with on a daily basis. It’s tiring, but she just has to move on.

Then again, at the end of the day, Nut is still Nut. She is still her usual happy self. And I guess… nothing will ever be able to take it away from her.

Nut, my friend. I hope you will never lose that joy inside you.


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