Posted by: tonkatsudelights | August 1, 2007

Last Minute Booking

When it comes to my vacation, I usually have a good plan long before it happened. I listed down the alternatives complete with cost estimates. And I made the final itinerary complete with the budget sheet for airticket, hotel, meals, land transport, and other related costs. Calculated with the right exchange rates. How to fund them. Who will pay what.

Everything is so properly planned.

Short weekend break to Malaysia is another thing, though. It usually happened impulsively. Just like one Saturday afternoon when I was driving along Bukit Timah Rd. and I saw the street sign ‘Johor’. Suddenly the idea came to my mind, ‘Let’s go to Ipoh and visit Mom!’ (Mom is a friend, btw). It happened just like that. In an instance.

Probably because no reservation is required for such a short weekend break. I will just drive my Ganteng. And stay at Mom’s place. Though now it’s not possible anymore as Mom already relocated to Singapore. But still, getting a night or two in Malaysia should not be a problem.

This time, I try something new.

It’s still a short weekend break. But this time it requires a proper reservation. Because we want to go to Bali!

Availability check was done on Tuesday. Bookings were finalized on Wednesday. A revision was done on Thursday. And we’re flying off on Friday. Back to Singapore on Monday.

Hehe. We complete the cycle in a week’s time. And I am just glad that everything went through smoothly. Well, obviously it helps that I have been in Bali at least 4 times before. But you know… I never stay in the same place twice. So every time… it’s a new experience.

A complete Bali trip report to come!


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