Posted by: tonkatsudelights | July 21, 2007

The Exercise is Back! (Hopefully)

After 6 long months of sedentary lifestyle, finally I hit the gym again last wednesday. And went on a fun night cycling with friends. We cycled and met up in Orchard, then proceeded to Esplanade, Kallang, then… Newton Circus for supper.

It was really fun! But it also revealed just how unfit I am these days. I faltered in uphill ride. Which is not a new thing… hehe… I knew it since my Pulau Ubin bicycle ride.

The thing about exercising is that it’s more difficult to maintain than to start it. But once I get it into the rhytm of my everyday schedule, it stays… until something like long business trips break it off. I used to hit gym twice in a week + one exercise on a weekend. Swimming, or cycling in East Coast. But during business trips sometimes I am too lazy to pack my sneakers or swimsuit in. And that breaks my exercise streak.

Hehe… at least during my stay in my current condo I make use of the gym and swimming pool facility quite a lot. Unlike the time when I stayed in another condo in Toa Payoh. The gym was so small it was not enticing at all for people to exercise. And the swimming pool? I used it twice only during my 10-months stay. Maybe cos that time I was more into squash. So I more often came to my friend’s condo and played squash there.

So yeah… I hope the exercise is here to stay. Otherwise this pain that I currently feel in my abs, butt, groin, and thighs will be for nothing!



  1. Gawd! I envy you cos I can’t Swim!

  2. Hahaha!

    No need to envy lah… You can learn, you know… I was only able to swim in my university days when I decided to take swimming lessons…

    So, I guess… it’s never too late to learn? 🙂

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