Posted by: tonkatsudelights | July 9, 2007

The Grossest Thing…


… happened to us on a dinner earlier this week.

On Monday we were dining last minute at Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao in Ngee Ann City. I was craving for xiao long bao these days, as apparent from my choice of eating places for the last couple of days.

Besides xiao long bao, we ordered some other menu. One was fried rice with ham etc (I don’t remember the exact name). That was the first time for me to order that particular fried rice on the menu, and I think it tasted quite nice. Something that I can order from time to time in the future.

Or so I thought.

When we were eating, suddenly Ms. PF stopped and stared at her bowl of fried rice. There was something that looked out of place in the fried rice. And it turned out to be a used plaster/band aid!

How gross!

I don’t even want to begin to discuss how gross it was. The waitresses quickly cleared up our meal, apologized profusely, and offered us desserts. But at this point we simply did not have any more appetite to eat anything else. They refunded our bill… but that still didn’t help. We still felt so bad. I mean, I’d rather pay and get a nice and decent meal. Not something like this. Even if it’s for free.

I just think that they need better standard operating procedure to prevent such thing from happening. This incident even reminded me of an experience a few months back where my dining companion at that time found a strand of hair between the xiao long bao and the cabbage. That stopped her from eating Crystal Jade xiao long bao ever again.

Me, being a Crystal Jade fan, still frequented the place after that hair incident. After this plaster thing, I am not sure anymore now. Isn’t it enough to have two incidents at the same place already?

Sometimes people say, it’s okay to be a little ‘dirty’, otherwise your stomach won’t be so strong. Well, if I eat at a streetside stall or buy food from street peddlers in Jakarta, of course I’d get my stomach ready. But even then, I do not expect to see strange stuff inside my bakso or siomay. I once saw a cockroach leg embedded inside a bakso (meatball) — I simply stopped eating the bakso from that particular peddler.

But there is a heaven and earth difference between a bakso peddler in the streets of Jakarta and a Crystal Jade restaurant in Ngee Ann City — which get an ‘A’ rating for its supposed cleanliness.

Ms. PF swore off Crystal Jade from that time on.

Me, being a Crystal Jade fan, am in a big dilemma now.



  1. yiiikkkeeess. you should file an official complain somewhere to save others from getting the same experience. you can sue the restaurant too if you’re in usa and get lots of money from punitive damage hahaha

  2. Legal action definitely not possible and not something I want to pursue. Anyway, they were so quick to remove every evidence. They even kept the receipt so what I’ve got now is just the credit card slips that show payment and payment cancellation.

    Official complaint? That maybe a good idea. At least it is constructive for their improvement. If ever they can improve. I’m just wondering…

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