Posted by: tonkatsudelights | July 7, 2007

Nanxiang Steam Bun Restaurant

Craving for crab roe xiao long bao in Singapore means only one thing. Going to Nanxiang Steam Bun restaurant in Bugis Junction. We hardly have any other choice for crab roe xiao long bao here. Unlike in mainland China. Where, I think, they serve better crab roe xiao long bao.

Well, I am a fan of xiao long bao in general. There was a time I used to have only 8 pcs of xiao long bao for my lunch or dinner. For pork xiao long bao, I like Crystal Jade La Mian Xiao Long Bao the best. But for the ones with crab roe, I have to settle with Nanxiang. No other option mah…

Besides having xiao long bao variety with crab roe, the other unique thing about Nanxiang is that they have the jumbo-size xiao long bao which people have to use straw to drink the juice from. I just never got around to try it, though. Maybe next time.

This particular lunch I chose to order something else. Besides the pork & crab roe xiao long bao, I ordered stir-fried long beans, fried prawns in salted egg yolk, spring rolls with crab roe, and prawn balls with crab roe.

Well, not quite a good experience though. The xiao long bao is as good as ever. But the long beans came a little bit tasteless (for someone who prefers strong taste like me) and the two dim sum (prawn balls and spring rolls) were nothing special — very oily, in fact. So oily it’s scary…

The fried prawns, on the other hand, turned out good. However, I have to say, they are very rich and people probably can not eat too much of them in one sitting. Nevertheless, this is one menu that I will order again when I come over in the future.

Unless suddenly Crystal Jade decided to add the crab roe option to their xiao long bao menu. In that case, it could mean… ‘bye bye Nanxiang!’

On a personal learning note, it is good to check the meal preference of your lunch/dining partner. This time I went to lunch with Ms. Anj — who didn’t particularly eat much pork and seafood, except for fish. Look at the menu I ordered! All pork, prawn, and crab things. Except for one veggie.

And at the end of the lunch I highly doubt that she was converted.

 –> The rich fried prawns in salted egg yolk.



  1. i wish for a veggie xiao long bao … *praying*

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