Posted by: tonkatsudelights | July 1, 2007

The Kelong Life

I like trying something new once in awhile. That way, life won’t be boring. In fact, I think I have a craving for learning. At any given time, I have to learn at least one new thing. And I’m not talking about classroom learning only. It could be anything. Sport. Language. New hobby. People.

Basically, everything.

And this time, it was fishing. Ms. Rafel the TMNT was organizing a kelong trip to Sibu, Malaysia. I was a bit hesitant in the beginning. But then I thought, why think so much… just go and learn something new!

The trip turned out to be a very fun trip. Fishing itself is an interesting skill to learn. It’s not as easy as it looks, but also not so hard. I was happy I caught a few fish during this trip. Hehe.

Oh yeah… and the sensation that you get when you feel the fish nibbling on your bait… undescribable…

A few snapshots of kelong life and the journey to reach there…

We took a van for 12 people from Singapore to the jetty in Malaysia. That’s a 2-3 hours’ trip, depending on the traffic in the Causeway. We left early in the morning to avoid the jam, so most of the gals just crashed in the van. Hehe. Catching up on the sleep.

Sleeping in style –> Some people just know how to strike a pose and sleep in style. Hehe.

The boat ride Say bye to the mainland

Then… after some time waiting at the jetty, it’s time for a 20-mins boat ride before we finally reached the kelong.

–> Welcome to HotBoys Kelong!

The sleeping area is basically just rows and rows of beds. Near the sleeping area, they have the living room. They have the TV set with cable TV program. At the back of the living room area is the game area where they have mahjong tables, playstations, card games, karaoke, etc. There is always something that you can do at the kelong when you are tired of fishing!

The view from my window –> My bed by the window. The view and the breeze! And the sun also…

At the back of the kelong, they have the bathrooms and the wash basins. They use jerrycans to keep the water for your bathing purpose. Everytime before you do your business, make sure there is enough water in the big pail inside. Otherwise…

The kitchen The dining area

The kitchen and the dining area. The kelong package already includes 5 meals for a one-night stay. Lunch, dinner, supper, breakfast, and lunch again. If you don’t do anything else in the kelong, at the least you can stuff yourself and get fat. Urrrrgh….

Kelong food pictures… One menu that almost always appears on every meal is… fish, of course. Accompanied by either sotong or prawns. And soup. And veggie.

Lunch on the first day Lunch on the 2nd day

Our supper –> Our supper

And the activity that we do?

Fishing, of course. We even went for boat fishing at night. But this turned out to be a big disappointment. The boats were rocky and the catch was few and far between…

–> Fishing!

In the afternoon, we also went for island hopping. Initially I thought island hopping means that we will hop on to a few islands. But no… it’s only one island. Sibu island. Nevertheless, it was fun. 🙂

Island hopping

And now I’m so looking forward to the next kelong trip! When will we have it again?


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