Posted by: tonkatsudelights | June 28, 2007

She made my day…

It’s not that difficult to make my day at work. A sincere compliment and appreciation from my direct report can go a long way to make me very happy. And touched.

Like what I’m feeling now. A very big smile on my face. 😀

But also… teary eyes. Not of sadness or disappointment, though. I just can’t hold myself from shedding tears when something touches my heart.

At 37, she is a few years older than me. A mother of two. She has longer experience in the company than me, and she was just promoted to manager level early this year. Which, I think, was a promotion truly well-deserved.

Not every admin staff can make it to the management level. Sometimes it is due to their own wishes. Seeing the expectations of people in management level, some of them choose to steer clear of it and decide to stay in the admin level forever. Sometimes, it is due to people’s capability. Leadership. Initiative. Follow-through. Communication. 

For her drive to move forward, regardless of where she is —her age, her level in the company– I really commended her. She’s the type that keeps on barging forward on the pace that she feels comfortable with. She is not envious of the younger folks who achieve things faster than her. On the other hand, she is not bogged down by her admin peers as well. If her admin peers want to stay where they are, it is their choice. But she moves forward.

Today, as usual, we talked a lot of work-related stuff. Her projects, her work plan, her career, her concerns, etc.

At the end of the conversation, she told me that our big boss has asked her… how is she working together with me? And she said… and she told me that this is really from her heart…

That she really enjoys working together with me. That I’m so different from all her previous managers. I am very approachable that she feels comfortable sharing with me.

That I am very clear in my direction and instructions. That I help her to think for the future. Help her to see the pros and cons — and envision the future direction in her area of responsibility.

That I am there to provide her with the right coaching when she needs it. To guide her when there are issues. She knows she can rely on me.

And that she truly appreciates all of these…

She doesn’t know that at that moment I was about to cry already.

You know, a compliment from my big boss makes me happy. But a sincere appreciation from my direct report really touches my heart.

It is really not that difficult to make my day at work.

I just hope I can make the same impact to many more people that work together with me. I just think it’s great to see that the people who have reported to you can go a long way in their career in the company. Or even outside the company.

Like I know, my former boss —my first ever boss, the one who hired me into the company— is very proud to see when I move upward in the company. Which is the reason why I make it a point to update her from time to time about my career advancement.

I guess the idea of ‘paying it forward’ really works. When somebody does you a favor, pay it forward. When somebody has spent time and effort to coach you to grow in your career, do the same thing to the people in your organization.

It’s sad to see that these kind of practices do not exist in some of the companies in Singapore. But this is discussion for another day.

Right now, I just am enjoying the bliss.



  1. i know what you mean. i am fortunate enough to have bosses like yours. so i feel i have to pass on the same sincerity in coaching my staffs. i feel the satisfaction and pride, when they move up the ladder. tp sayangnya gue lebih sering ngeliat org yg males impart knowledge karena takut bawahannya ‘overtake’ dia…

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