Posted by: tonkatsudelights | June 27, 2007

A Tonkichi Update

As it’s time for another tonkatsu delight, we went and visit Tonkichi at Ngee Ann City again. True to my blog spirit… for a good tonkatsu is a delight indeed!

This time we stick to our favorite hire katsu. The tender meat with less fat. Truly delicious!

Hire katsu! Sesame oil based dressing

Most of the things remain the same, but we noticed that they changed the salad dressing to sesame oil based dressing. Which suits us better than their previous salad dressing that we had back in May’07. And we certainly like this better than the sour plum (?) dressing in Tampopo/Tom Ton.

The observation of today: when we were queueing for Tonkichi, we were sandwiched between two Chinese Indo families. Hmmm… what is it with Tonkichi taste that strikes well with us Chinese Indonesians?


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