Posted by: tonkatsudelights | June 16, 2007

Breakfast at Kungfu


The last day in GZ I was tempted to try the fast food place I passed by everyday on my way to the office. The picture of their menu, especially the chee cheong fun, is really mouth-watering…

If you still remember from my previous post, the name of the place is Kungfu. The one with Bruce Lee images in his legendary yellow jumpsuit. Black stripes on the side of the body.

 –> Bruce Lee’s picture everywhere!

I am somehow of the impression that if I eat the same food in the market it would probably taste better than in a place like Kungfu. But what interests me more is that they actually branded such a thing. We are so used to having western (junk) foods (burgers,  fries, etc) branded and sold in a fast food chain. But chinese food? No, never seen one before. Until this one.

Being such a simple and cheap place, their prices are fairly low. I got my chee cheong fun for 4.5 RMB, my pork noodle soup for 6.5 RMB, and a cup of hot milk tea for 5 RMB. So, for a total of $4 I got myself a complete and satisfying breakfast!

 –> My 16 RMB breakfast.

Of course, not as cheap as eating in the wet market. Back in 1999, eating in the wet market cost me 5 RMB for a plate of rice, 2 veggies, and 1 meat. Now, the price surely has increased, but I haven’t checked it out for so long…

From the pricing policy, you can tell exactly where they make their money. As with lots of other fast food chain, they make bigger margin on the side things, like rice and drinks.

Have to admit that their food is not all that great, but it’s so much satisfying. I don’t think anybody can actually say that it doesn’t taste good. It actually does. Not special, but it’s good. And it offers convenience. Plus, an aircon and clean place to eat.

So … yeah… this is the kind of place that you can go almost everyday for breakfast (or quick lunch or dinner). Especially if you’re bored with the same buffet breakfast in the hotel… And you can’t bear to eat in a small shop in wet market. Those of you who have eaten in such places… you know that it can be dirty, greasy… and sometimes stinks.

(Guangzhou – June 16, 2007)


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