Posted by: tonkatsudelights | June 14, 2007

Staying in GZ Hotel: TianLun International

Not bad, really.

Local hotels in China can be quite nice. Especially in terms of facility. I guess that’s where it comes cheap.

But, underneath the nice rooms and facility, you can see a few things where they are behind vs. the international hotel chain. Standard of service, for one. Food quality, for another.

I’ve been staying in TianLun International Hotel for my GZ trips lately. A welcome change vs. Garden Hotel, indifferent vs. China Hotel by Marriott. China Hotel by Marriott is an older establishment which is in dire need of renovation and the location is further away from my office. It takes about 30mins by taxi to go the office and vice versa.

TianLun, on the other hand, is newer. And only 5mins walking distance from the office. However, on the overall service, there’s a lot of room for improvements.

Check-in and check-out in TianLun can be a lengthy process. Somehow, I don’t know why, they just haven’t found the right and efficient procedure.

Their room service menu is also limited. Most hotels would offer what the restaurants in the hotel serve. But somehow TianLun does not seem to do so. It would’ve been nice if they can serve some of the menu from their Chinese and Japanese restaurants for dinner.

Their English-speaking staff is limited. Whenever I called up room service or housekeeping, 50% of the time the person was not able to speak English well and would have to transfer the phone to his/her colleague.

They also do not accept Singapore dollars for exchange. Well… if this happened in the US I can understand. Hotels in the US would usually accept only Japanese Yen from Asia. I don’t think they want to be bogged down by currencies from so many countries in Asia, so it’s understandable. But for a hotel in southern China?

Once I forgot to bring my US dollars and Japanese yen. The only cash left with me was Singapore dollars. I’ve used up my RMB as well. I was about to go to the airport at that time, and was hoping to get a hotel car to go there. If it were the hotel car, I can easily charge it to my room’s bill. However, that morning, all of the hotel’s cars were fully booked… so I would need to take a taxi to the airport instead.

But… but…  I got no RMB cash! And I couldn’t exchange my Singapore dollars. Time was running out. My flight would take off in 90mins’ time. What was I to do?

I frantically searched in my mobile phone anybody I could call in GZ for help. Luckily I stored the mobile number from one Chinese colleague, whom I knew would be in the office during that time. I called her up, explained my situation,… and took a taxi to the office to get the cash and headed straight to the airport.

But… phew! That was close.

Anyway, back to TianLun hotel. A few snapshots from the hotel. And their Grand Cafe. The place to have breakfast every morning. The food there left little to be desired for. I could only enjoy their char siew pau, pork ball, and kway teow…


Grand Cafe Grand Cafe


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