Posted by: tonkatsudelights | June 14, 2007

BuonGiorno! Italian Dining in Guangzhou

Dear colleague Matsumoto-san was tired of Chinese food everyday. So on his last night in GZ we decided to eat something different. Italian food, as recommended by our boss in GZ.

The restaurant is called BuonGiorno. Not exactly much of a fine dining, but yes, it is a fairly nice place. A very quick look across the room reveals that almost 95% of the patrons are Westerners. Hmm… I wonder if this place is really good. If the Westerners frequented this place, surely they must have something good to offer, no?

My menu of the day. Shrimp Cocktail. Lobster Spaghetti. Ciao Ciao Pizza (their own creation, pizza with salami). And I’m closing with panna cotta.

Shrimp Cocktail Lobster Spaghetti

My verdict. Shrimp cocktail and lobster spaghetti — good but nothing special. Ciao Ciao Pizza — surprisingly nice. La panna cotta — a bit too sweet.

Ciao Ciao Pizza La panna cotta

For Italian food, I’d still prefer my favorite Italian restos in Singapore any day.

Nevertheless, when in GZ, BuonGiorno can be a good break from the unbroken streak of chinese food … lunch and dinner.


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