Posted by: tonkatsudelights | June 13, 2007

Smoggy Guangzhou

Back in Guangzhou again.

This is one of the location that I have been to so many times that it just feels so easy to be here. A lot of things seem familiar though the scenes have changed a lot in the past few years. Guangzhou is growing. Lots of new and modern buildings. It is catching up with the development in cities like Shanghai and Beijing. 

High-rise buildings. Five-star hotels. Fine dining establishments. Modern pubs and clubs. Big shopping malls. All signs of a developing city. 

One thing still hasn’t changed, though. Guangzhou is still smoggy. Especially when it’s rainy like this. The smoky fog fills up the air of Guangzhou that it is sometimes impossible to see the sun or the clouds in the sky of Guangzhou. The visibility is low. It feels like an overcast the whole day long. Morning or afternoon. It looks almost the same.

Smoggy GZ in the afternoon –> Whether it’s in the afternoon…

Smoggy GZ in the morning … or in the morning, Guangzhou still looks smoggy. You can’t really see the sky or the far away view!

 –> Another view of smoggy GZ morning.

GZ East Train Station 

GZ East Train Station with my office tower in the background. And the shopping mall right below the office tower.

Lately I have been staying in the hotel nearby the office. It’s just 5-min walk through Guangzhou East train station.

Just like this morning. I walk through the train station and it was packed with people. I guess some trains have just arrived. I saw a couple walking by. The girl held a bouquet of flowers in her hand and the guy was dragging a luggage — her luggage, I think. She must’ve just arrived from another town and this guy, supposedly her boyfriend, was welcoming her with the flowers.

I walked further and saw another couple with exactly the same things. Flowers. Hehe. I guess that’s probably the standard practice to welcome girlfriends. 🙂

I passed by what looks like a fast food establishment, but the menu they serve seems Chinese. Their breakfast menu is chee cheong fun with congee. Or pork noodle. Slurrp… the chee cheong fun alone is enough to generate my interests. I made a mental note to make sure I give this place a try. The name of the fast food place is Kungfu. With a large picture of Bruce Lee in his legendary yellow jumpsuit. So legendary that even Quentin Tarantino replicated it for Uma Thurman in his movie Kill Bill.

Kungfu! –> Make a mental note to eat in this place.

Kungfu Menu –> The menu looks interesting. I’m all for Asian food!

Nearby the office I crossed the street on the zebra crossing… and I know that this is Guangzhou so I didn’t expect the car drivers to have a habit of stopping at zebra crossing. But this time somehow I don’t care. I kept on walking even when I saw a car coming. Of course I wouldn’t be so foolish as to throw myself in front of a fast moving car. The car moved very slowly so it surely has the chance to brake. Hehe. This time I’m having my way as a pedestrian.

And that was my walk to the Guangzhou office this morning.

(Guangzhou – June 13, 2007)


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