Posted by: tonkatsudelights | June 10, 2007

Sunday Lunch at Sun With Moon

A longtime friend, Ms. FAH, was in town the week when I was in the US. Luckily our schedule somehow overlaps on Sunday, June 10 — otherwise I’ll miss seeing her this time.

Ms. FAH was my friend from highschool time. But we weren’t close at that time. We knew each other better during university time. We lived in the same city, attended the same university, same faculty — just different major. And for awhile —a year, to be exact— we lived in the same house. On top of that, for the last 9 years, we have been fellow employees in the same company.

So, it was during those times that I was privy to her love stories. Or, as I would say it to her… her love scandals. Hehe. She was one of my friends whom I told that their love stories are colourful enough to be written into novels. Maybe someday. Hehe.

We went for lunch together with Ms. DS, a fellow employee who just relocated from Jakarta to Singapore. And this time, our place of choice is Sun with Moon in Wheelock Place.

At 11am we arrived and found that we were there much too early. It opened only at 11.30am. Even then, when the place finally opened and we were the 2nd customers to be seated, we got our table only for only 1 hour. I wonder if their tables were really booked. Or it is simply their way to clear up tables as soon as possible?

My favorite menu in Sun with Moon is the aburi sushi assortment. But this time I wanted to eat lightly, so I went only for aburi maguro and aburi foie gras. Hehe. Yeah… I did mention that I am a big fan of foie gras, so… there. Besides that, I also ordered the cream potato croquette.

And as I was eating my aburi maguro I was thinking… why did I find the aburi maguro in Ichiban Boshi better than this one? I like the burnt smell that the aburi maguro in Ichiban Boshi has. Maybe that’s why. Price-wise, frankly, Ichiban Boshi is a better value for money. As for the aburi foie gras, I have never tried this in other places. The reason is… I hardly find it in any other places. But as a fan of foie gras, I enjoyed this piece.

Their cream potato croquette is served in pair. Yin and yang. One is served with mayo and wasabi paste. The other is served with brown sauce (similar to tonkatsu sauce) with mustard seed. I love the dressings, but I wish it weren’t really cream potato inside. It would’ve been nicer if it’s really potato. Mashed potato.

 –> My aburi foie gras and aburi maguro.


The cream potato croquette served in yin-yang style plates. The other picture is the rainbow rolls that Ms. FAH ordered. It’s sushi with mango and avocado. How strange is that. They made all kinds of new sushi these days…

(Singapore – June 10, 2007)


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