Posted by: tonkatsudelights | June 10, 2007

Our Bet

That Sunday lunch with Ms. FAH was also my treat for her. Not for birthdays, not for any other celebrations.

I simply lost the bet. And I owe her a good meal.

Three years ago, I made a bet with Ms. FAH. I said, she would get married with this guy that she was close to at that time. At least in 3 years’ time. And she said, no, she wouldn’t. Our bet will end as soon as there is a wedding invitation. From her, or from the guy, or from the both of them.

Maybe you would think that it’s foolish to bet something like that — with the person herself. Because she was definitely in control of the situation. Very easy for her to win.

But that’s not how I thought about it. I know that she liked the guy. She often said, she liked him… it’s just that he was undecided. But they were very very close. Even closer than any couples that I knew.

And I know that when it comes to the matter of the heart, people won’t deliberately lose their love just to win a simple bet!

At least I know I wouldn’t.

So, early in January 2006 the result was finally known. There was a wedding invitation from the guy. With another girl, obviously. Ms. FAH immediately IM-ed me, ‘I win!!!’

Last Sunday, she asked, ‘Do you want to have another bet?’ But this time, there is nothing good to bet on.

As she put it, “The bet with you somehow has to be something a little bit dramatic. Can not be the ordinary one.”

Yeah… that’s me lor…


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