Posted by: tonkatsudelights | June 8, 2007

The Journey Back from Columbus

Flying Continental to Newark, NY. The first time onboard a Continental. Too short of a flight to know whether this is a good airline or not. Flight time is only 1.5 hours so all that we got was just drinks and mini pretzels.

Snapping the picture of the cockpit from where I sat. I guess the pilot at the back was the deadhead?

A couple of hours wait at the SAS lounge. Crowded. Spent the 2 hours working. Yeah… with my boss —one of the 3 bosses— beside me, working is the logical consequence.

He also requested that we sit together onboard the airplane. Well… another consequence. But he was nice enough to actually let me sit on the aisle and he himself sat on the window side. He said he’d take the sleeping pills and would sleep throughout the flight.

I hate sitting in window seats on a long haul flight. I don’t like having to jump over people to get in and out of my seat, nor do I like people jumping over me (unless the person is my baby, of course. Hehe.) Give me center aisle seats anytime. I was enraged at the gate staff because they couldn’t give us the center aisle seats. Instead of moving my boss to a center aisle beside me, they actually moved me to the window seat beside him.

My favorite seat onboard a US domestic flight is the front row aisle seat in the first class cabin. My favorite seat onboard a long haul flight business class is the center aisle, not the first row and not the last row. The travel agent that the company uses is actually quite good. They got it right 99% of the time.

Anyway, I got my aisle seat. But… I hope I don’t sound whiny… Ehm. I am just particular about my seat.

On the side note, I actually felt quite good to have sat beside my boss. Chance to know him better. And corrected some of my presumptions about him. I got to see the human side of him as well. Being an Indian, his movie preference is Hindi movies… and it was quite refreshing to see him moving his hands and his head following the music in the movie. You know… Bollywood movies usually got a lot of music and dance scenes… Hahahaha… (Btw, I also like to watch Bollywood movies, you know… I ended up watching the same Bollywood movie as him. Hehe.)



The tasty beginning. Seared ahi tuna with assorted heirloom tomatoes and baby arugula (arugula yay!) in aged balsamic dressing. They have thousand island as another option, but then… I go for balsamic anytime.

The main event. Roasted duck served with plum sauce, braised beancurd, vegetables, and fried rice.

The sweet overtone. Macadamia ice cream garnished with granola and chocolate sauce.


Selection of dim sum. Beef meatball. Pork siew mai. And… the menu says pan-fried pot-sticker, but what I got was something resembling har gao. It was served with oolong tea. And they call it… the tranquil finale. What a fancy expression they came up with for a cup of oolong tea. Hahaha…


Skipped everything and went directly for the main event. Chinese-style stir-fried sweet and sour prawns, mixed vegetables, and fried rice.

(Too bad. No picture for the breakfast menu as my camera went missing before I had the chance to transfer the pictures…)


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