Posted by: tonkatsudelights | June 8, 2007

Movies that Got Me Crying: 200-pound Beauty

No, actually no. It’s not the movie that got me crying. It’s the song.

The original soundtrack of the movie, titled ‘Byul’ (Star), I think… is really beautiful. Yeah… call me sappy or anything. I just like it so much. Hehe.

The story of the movie itself is pretty straightforward. It’s about the 200-pounds Hanna Kang who has a very beautiful voice. She became the voice of another singer who just have the looks, but not the voice. She was also secretly in love with the music producer.

And yeah… life and love certainly do not come easy for a girl her size. The rest of the movie basically told about her decision to come under the knife and her experiences when she had become thin and beautiful. Beautiful, by this superficial world standard.

It just goes to show how physical appearance contributes a huge part to a person’s confidence. To how he/she would behave. To the extent that it also plays a part on a person’s destiny.

It is sad, really. But it’s a fact. And as long as we are still living in this superficial world, we will somehow see this happening everyday…


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