Posted by: tonkatsudelights | June 2, 2007

BBQ Party!

How to spend weekend in an ulu place like Cincinnati? Shopping at Kenwood Mall, probably. But no… the stuffs I want to get, I can get it when I got to Columbus. So… no, thank you.

As there are quite a number of us coming from outside of the US, my boss organized a BBQ party at his place.

His house is basically a huge landed property with a sundeck at the back and a half basketball court in the front yard. Not a surprise for me, as I have been to the houses of some of my colleagues in Cincinnati. And the ones with families usually stay in places like this. Only the singles from outside of the city who choose to stay in a smaller apartment or loft in downtown area. Single people need a life, you know…


Houses in the neighborhood. Far from downtown. Definitely suitable for families.

 –> Mr. B’s house with half basketball court

The sundeck is really a place for garden party. It has jacuzzi that people can just dip in. Hehe, but not this time. Nobody brings any bathing suit. (I have more pictures of the sundeck in my flickr, but since they are mostly pictures of me and my colleagues I have opened them only for my flickr friends)


 –> She’s trying to get drunk…

Down from the sundeck, there is a room dedicated as a playroom. Videogames, treadmills, fussball table… you get the picture…

But the highlight of the dinner —for me, at least— is the two little cute kids, Little Max and Little Diego, sons of my colleagues. They are so very very cuuuuute….

Both of them are almost 3-years old. But they couldn’t be more different. Little Max is an active and sporty kid. He ran around and he ran fast. He threw the ball far and forceful. An enthusiastic kid.

  -> Little M in action!

Little Diego, however, is a handsome latino kid. And according to reliable sources, he specifically likes to introduce himself to beautiful girls. And flirts. According to his dad, he is liking somebody in his class. Hmm… I guess these days love begins in the kindergarten? Hahahahaha……

 –> Little D, the casanova.

 –> Why do kids always love dipping themselves in the water?

A pleasant evening indeed, thanks to the two little cute boys!

(Cincinnati – June 2, 2007)


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