Posted by: tonkatsudelights | May 31, 2007

What They Say about Cincinnati…

This trip I brought two people from my team with me. One from Singapore and one from India. It’s the first time for both of them. First time in the US, and first time in Cincinnati.

The guy from India: “This city looks like it has curfew.”

The lady from Singapore: “Eh… this looks like a ghost town leh…”

Coming from the country/city where the streets and the malls and the public places are just so crowded with people, no wonder they said so about Cincinnati. In broad daylight, in downtown area, there are only a number of people on the streets.

And how do I describe it? During this time of the year?

“Hot days (32-33C), … cool nights (15-17C), … ghost town.”

For once I have to agree with you, Ms. AcidicRain. This city is ulu.



  1. aahhh, this reminds me of my freshman days in ames, iowa. from the look of you photographs, ames is much smaller than cincinnati. i remembered counting the number of cars passing the main road and thinking: God, I’m really in the middle of nowhere. I kinda welcome the difference though: less hassle, safety, better air quality :), perferct place to study.
    however, not everybody appreciate the it. i know an indonesian freshman who cried his heart out on his first night there. it must feel as if his parents simply dumped him in a ghost town, continents away from home…

  2. hahaha… i’m sure your place is also ulu. even more than cincinnati. it’s a big change, y’know… from the bustling city of jakarta to ulu cities in the US…

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