Posted by: tonkatsudelights | May 30, 2007

Dining in Cincinnati

Time for steaks… ribs… burgers… and sandwiches!


Conveniently located in Fountain Square, Rock Bottom is one of the most popular dining place in Cincinnati. For visitors staying in downtown hotels, the place is just a few minutes walking distance away. This particular Cincinnati branch was voted as the ‘Best Brewpub’ by City Beat Magazine’s Best of Cincinnati 2007 Reader Poll.

The reviews in the internet sing praises of Rock Bottom’s beers. Heard some from my colleagues as well. However, as one of my counterpart from Spain put it… ‘the beer in the US is like making love in a canoe. It’s f**kin’ close to water.’

(Disclaimer: that is not my opinion. That is my colleague’s opinion.)

Hehe. Anyway, I was not in the mood for beers that night. I came for the food! And my choice for the night is the BBQ Ribs & Chicken Combo. Which totally lives up to my expectation. I guess, after all this time, I have reconciled that when in the US we just have to stick to what the people here know best. Besides steaks, ribs, burgers, and sandwiches, we can also go for Italian food. When you want to go for Asian food, stick to the recommended restaurants.


My Italian colleague ordered bruschetta (yes, typical!) and the bruschetta ingredients come separately. Haha. Self-service bruschetta. Gotta make them by yourself, Ms. A!

 –> self-service bruschetta.


Who doesn’t know Morton’s? They even have an outlet in Singapore — which I so loved for the Mortini. Especially during happy hours, 5-7pm.

As the majority of my counterparts seem to be interested in having good steak, we decided to walk to Morton’s, which is only in the next block from the hotel we’re staying. From outside it looks like it is closed. Suspiciously we opened the glass door and walked down the stairs. And walked down the stairs some more. Well… how low in the basement can this restaurant be?

At the end of the long stairs down we found the place. Nice and stylish. A bit dark. And so American.

As per the usual Morton’s way, after we were seated and ordered our drinks, our waiter for the night, Ryan, explained to us one by one all the different cuts, fish, and lobster. And the appetizers, of course.

Ryan in action! That's a whole lotta meat!  Ryan with the 4-pound lobster! 

The smallest cut would be the filet mignon… but I am not into that tonight. Settled for New York strip, which is the next smallest of all the cuts. But still fairly big… that I decided not to order any appetizers, no matter how tempting they are. Shrimp cocktail. Is always tempting for me.

The New York Strip is good. Which is not surprising, given Morton’s reputation. But as expected, I can only finish half of it. We ordered wild mushrooms, asparagus, and mashed potatoes on the side. And boy… the wild mushrooms is nice!

When desserts time came, we were all quite full. As usual, Ryan patiently explained the desserts one by one. Hehe. Even if we don’t have the capacity for them, they are still a delight to look at.



(I finally didn’t get to make it to Sichuan Bistro. I don’t know what I ate or drank at the BBQ party the night before I just felt so heaty inside. Down with fever the next day. Nevertheless, if you look for authentic chinese food when you are in Cincinnati, Sichuan Bistro in Mason is one of the place to go. PF Chang’s is not — it is the Americanized version of chinese food.)

(Cincinnati – May 29-30, 2007)


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