Posted by: tonkatsudelights | May 28, 2007

The Taste of Cincinnati

It was 7pm plus when I arrived in Cincinnati. But the sky was still very bright. It gets dark around 9pm plus here during this time of the year. Love it so! Yeah… I love longer daylights.

Right in front of the hotel, they were having food tasting fair. A kind of annual event that they call as ‘The Taste of Cincinnati’. They closed the roads for about 5 blocks and have restaurants setting up stalls along the way. For a modest price, we can get a ‘small’ portion of the food. I call it ‘small’ as the portion is much smaller than what they would usually serve in the US, but for me that ‘small’ portion is enough for my dinner!

It is universally acknowledged that the American food portion is BIG. So yeah… I suppose you wouldn’t be surprised to hear this. I consider myself a big eater by Asian standard. But when it comes to dining in the US, I sometimes can only finish half of the portion. And a lot of times I chose not to order appetizers, simply because the main course itself is already too big.

What did I try in the Taste of Cincinnati? Hehe. Shame on me… I stick to Asian food. I was contemplating between the pad thai by Arloi Dee Thai food and the chicken in teriyaki sauce by the Melting Pot — but at the end of the day… the Asian in me wins. 🙂

 –> People everywhere…

 –> … rubbish also everywhere.

 –> Not authentic, but not bad.

 –> Uncle P sponsored the stage for live band performance. The band played till midnight on the first and second night!


Fountain Square — during the Taste of Cincinnati and after they clean up the next day. Rock Bottom Breweries in the background.

(Cincinnati – May 28, 2007)


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