Posted by: tonkatsudelights | May 28, 2007

Sheraton Gateway LAX and LAX-CVG on DL44

May 27th is the Memorial Day holiday in the US. It fell on Monday and many people are travelling. As the result, I was trapped in LA. There were no flights into CVG that happened to be having some extra seats on May 27th afternoon!

OK… so I gotta stay one night in LA. In Sheraton Gateway hotel, to be more specific. The hotel looks pretty standard for a Starwood property. Nothing too fancy when you enter the lobby area. But the room itself happens to be quite nicely done. The interior is so American and I would say that it has some character. I love the blue quilt and the blue armchair, btw.


Maybe you would say that the room is just ordinary. But I love their color combination. When I say that the room has some character, I think you should compare it with their sister property, i.e. Westin Cincinnati hotel, which I think, happens to be quite dull. Now that is what I would say as no character.

Exhausted after a long haul flight, I chose to order room service. When in America, my favorite food is usually steak or ribs… or sometimes burger. I think Americans know best in terms of how to make these kinda stuffs. And so I ordered the center cut fillet mignon (their trademark SHULA cut) with mushrooms and fries. Close that with a glass of Robert Mondavi cabernet sauvignon private collection. The meat, the fries, and the mushrooms are all good!

The next morning I was on my way to CVG, flying Delta domestic. Flying US domestic flight, frankly, has never been a joy to me. In fact, sometimes I dreaded having to fly US domestic. Long waits at the gate. Dirty toilets onboard the plane. People reclining their seats at lightning speed, damaging whatever is behind them. Which is why it is in the US that people invented the device that you can put at the airline seat to prevent people from reclining.

Having said that, and having experienced all that, I am grateful now that I am mostly flying first class in US domestic. Now that is a big relief. Thanks Uncle P!

 –> Lunch set onboard Delta flight to CVG. I like the ranch dressing, btw. Maybe should buy some of those home.


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