Posted by: tonkatsudelights | May 27, 2007


The delights of flying with Singapore Airlines!

You would certainly feel the delight in long haul flights, such as the 17-hr flight from Singapore to LA on SQ38. In the long haul flights, good seat, good service, good meals, and good entertainment makes a lot difference.


 —> The seat beside me is empty. Yuhuuuuu!

 —> My welcome drink is Citrus Royale. It’s a mix of orange juice, pineapple juice, and 7Up. Sweeeeeeet……

And now… the delights of glorious food onboard Singapore Airlines!

Considering my weight gain recently, I decided to have only two meals instead of three this time. Phew… it was so tempting to eat everything, but I have to watch out for my weight… and figure. Hehe. I probably am vain enough in some departments.


Chicken Satay. May I say that SQ satay has always been the long time favorite of SQ frequent flyers. In the frequent flyer forum that I used to join, some frequent flyers actually complained if they didn’t get to eat their favorite satay. It is a regular opening for Business Class lunch or dinner, btw. To me, it is comparable to the satay that you can eat in hawker centres in Singapore. One of the things I look forward to (SQ laksa and chicken rice, however, are not as good as the originals. I’d prefer the original Katong Laksa and Wee Nam Kee chicken rice at any given day).


Antipasto: Assorted appetizers of marinated lobster with mango salsa, duck liver terrine with fig compote, mozzarella with tomato salad.


Wok-fried beef in black pepper sauce with garlic, French beans with dried shrimp, fried rice. Exclusively created by Sam Leong of Tung Lok Group, Singapore.

Haagen-Dazs macadamia ice cream with cherry compote.


I am closing the dinner with a shot of Baileys and white chocolate pralines. SQ has 3 different kinds of pralines, but I always go with the white chocolate ones. My favorite! Oh… and btw, the shotglass is very cute! It’s much smaller than the usual glass for water and wine… so it looks very very very cute! I so wanted to take it home. So tempted to take it home… but I didn’t. The dignity in me beats my desire to take it home.

Dear SQ — maybe you would like to give me the shotglass as a gift? Pls pls pls pls pls… I have been such a faithful customer…


Fresh mango with strawberries and blueberries. Orange juice.


Fried rice with Chinese roast duck and vegetables. Closed with Colombian Supremo coffee. Black. Keep me awake blogging the whole night. Hehe.



  1. Boy, sitting and sleeping for 17 hours with all those foods… ck.. ck…

  2. hehe… that’s why leh… i ate only 2 meals… not 3 meals. I used to kia su and eat all three…
    the selection is so tempting… you know… the in-between meals got noodle soup, fried rice, etc etc…

  3. Anyone flown the other direction LAX-SIN on SQ37 ? I will be in Raffles Class in a few months, using an award ticket, and wondered what the meal schedule is… 2 or 3? Plan to get some snooze but also enjoy the wine and cuisine. Thanks.

  4. Hi troonster… I’ve flown direct LAX-SIN in the past. Last time it was back in April 2007, so … not too long ago. The meal schedule in Raffles Class is the same as SIN-LAX, which is 3 meals. On SQ37 I think it’ll be one supper, one light bites between meal (you can expect noodle, fried rice type of things), and one meal before touchdown/ breakfast.

    Enjoy your trip!

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