Posted by: tonkatsudelights | May 25, 2007

Sichuanese Food Forever

People who have seen my food cravings list would know immediately that I am so much into spicy food. And when it comes to Chinese food, the number one cuisine on the top of my list is none other than… Sichuanese food.

In fact, whenever I go to Guangzhou, I stay away from Cantonese food. And never fail to go to my favorite Sichuanese food restaurant, Chuan Guo Yan Yi. Long ago…  Xiao Dong Tian used to be my favorite. However, these days Chuan Guo Yan Yi seems to be more popular… and as one of my local Guangzhou friend put it, seems to be more upper class.

In terms of the food to order, it is standard Sichuanese fare each time. It’s basically spicy everything! Spicy glass noodle, spicy beef with cayenne, spicy chicken with dried chilli or la zi ji, auspicious fish, and the fried long bean.

Look how lovely the colors of the food were! Red hot baby!




This GZ trip, I also got the chance to try Bellagio restaurant. The name sounds Italian to you? Don’t be deceived! This is basically a Taiwanese restaurant that happens to serve… some Sichuanese food. Hahahaha!

The place is nice and posh. Certainly gives the feel of a place that is meant for and frequented by foreigners. One thing that I notice, all the waitresses in Bellagio sport a short butchy hairstyle — all of them! I think this is basically the restaurant’s policy. I just can’t think of a reason why they would oblige their waitresses to do so, except for hygiene reason. But then again, isn’t there a better solution for that? They could’ve just asked their waitresses to bun their hair, rather than make them all look butchy. Not that I have anything against butchy looks (I am sporting short hair nowadays), but not everyone can carry such a look. In fact, I think all those waitresses look funny that way. They were so not cut out for short butchy hairstyle!

  –> Supposed to be Taiwanese restaurant, but they serve Sichuanese food as well…


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