Posted by: tonkatsudelights | May 22, 2007

In Search of a Better Tonkatsu


The quest of Tonkatsu Delights is to find better tonkatsu in Singapore. Tonkatsu that serves as a good reminiscence of the ones I ate in Japan. It is not as easy as it seems. There are a few places in Singapore that look nice and feel like a true Japanese food place, but they come short when it comes to tonkatsu.

Ms. Rej suggested that I gave Tonkichi in Ngee Ann City a visit. And so I went. Yungni and her friend came over again to Singapore to watch Phantom of the Opera for the second time in the course of one month — and I persuaded them to try the place together. Hehe. Such trust they place in me when it comes to food. But I doubt they trust me in other things… they always think I am up to something no good. My mischievous look somehow does not help…

Our lunch in Tonkichi started with the ritual of crushing the sesame seeds. Actually this is not the first time I did that. I just kinda forget where. Anyway, it makes for a good time-killer… haha…

My verdict for Tonkichi. I definitely like this better than the ones I have in Tom Ton or Tampopo. The cutlet is just as tasty, but… the pickles are not too sweet, the salad dressing is not too sour, and the tonkatsu dressing has a tint of sweet. The soup is the regular miso soup, but I like this better than the soup in Tom Ton. Obviously, this is my personal taste. I believe there will be people out there who prefer Tom Ton to this one…

 –> Tonkatsu for two. Big portion!

In summary, I am happy!!! I am happy to finally find my tasty tonkatsu here in Singapore. And of course, the quest does not end here. The search of a better tonkatsu continues…

For a good tonkatsu is a delight!


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