Posted by: tonkatsudelights | May 14, 2007

Mosquito Attacks!

I was having dinner a few days ago at the Limelight restaurant in Royal Orchid Hotel, Bangalore.

The fine weather. A nice evening with a nice view. I went out from the inside seating area to the al fresco area, with the intention to snap a few pics of the surroundings.


It looks nice, doesn’t it? Makes you want to sit and dine in the al fresco area.

Well, … think again.

We stuck to our dinner table inside the room. And luckily we did so. In the middle of our dinner, suddenly we began to notice smoke coming out and start filling the area.

It turned out to be fumigation to exterminate the insects, primarily mosquitos, that is a total nuisance. Smells of kerosene suddenly fill the air. And look at those mosquitos that stick to the glass windows!

 –> Smoke! Smoke!

 –> Look at all those mosquitos!


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