Posted by: tonkatsudelights | May 14, 2007

Business = Makan

I need to jumpstart my exercise program soon. And I have to start bringing my sneakers again on business trips. Otherwise… there is no way I’m going to balance whatever it is I have drowned in.

Visitors. Group meetings. Business trips. All result in the same thing at the end of the day. Extra carbs intake.

Just a snap shot of a few culinary delights on a recent business trip to Bangalore.

Waiting for my flight at the Silver Kris Lounge – Raffles Class section. Recently they changed the rules & regulation of PPS Club. PPS Club who fly on Raffles class can no longer enter the First Class section. Must stick to the Raffles Class section only. Anyway…

Managed to take a few bites of the fried rice, beancurd fish cake, and shrimp paste fried chicken.

Silver Kris Lounge Food Silver Kris Lounge

Dinner onboard SQ flight to Bangalore. Marinated scallops with sweetcorn in soya sauce dressing. Chicken in basil tomato masala. And macadamia ice cream with mango coulis.

Marinated scallops with sweetcorn kernels in soya sauce dressing Chicken in basil tomato masala

Chicken in basil tomato masala Macadamia ice cream with mango coulis

Supper onboard SQ flight back to Singapore. Marinated prawns with mesclun and cherry tomato. Dry potato-lentil dumplings, paneer in basil tomato gravy. Black forest gateau.

Marinated prawns with mesclun and cherry tomato Dry potato-lentil dumpling, paneer in basil tomato gravy

Black forest gateau

One of those evenings when I am just too tired to do anything but to order food from room service. One of my old classic favorite. Goan prawn curry. And look at how messy the desk is!

Goan prawn curry 

Desserts buffet at Limelight Restaurant, Royal Orchid Hotel, Bangalore. Coffee creme brulee!




  1. *looks sadly at bowl of indomee*

  2. eh… why sadly leh…? you’re still young, my dear…
    remember… when i was your age, i was also eating that 500 rupiahs (= 10 cents singapore) rice…

  3. the US is killing my pocket. i want to go home to cheap food and free lodging.

  4. u mean food in indon so cheap???

  5. haha… no no no…. that 500 rupiah rice was during my uni time…that was like more than 10 years ago… right now i think the cost would go up to around… 4000-5000rp, i guess? so that’ll be 80c to 1 dollar sing…

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