Posted by: tonkatsudelights | May 13, 2007

Contradiction – 180 Degree View

On a fine morning in Bangalore before I started my whole day meetings…

I looked out from the balcony of the hotel where the meeting room is. And here’s what I saw…

Karnataka Golf Course Between the golf course and the housings

A fine golf and country club on the left side. A thin fence between the golf course and the housing area. You can see some of the big IT companies’ offices far away in the background.

The housing complex 

The housing area continues. I see some cows grazing at the greens in the housing area. That’s how you take care of your herds free of any maintenance fee. Just set them free in the morning. Let them graze wherever they want. For free. And they’ll come back to you at the end of the day. You can just milk them and make money of it.

And then… there is the unmistakable view of the pockets of squatters living in the same housing area. That’s India (or any other developing countries, for that matter)… where the rich lives side by side with the poor…


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