Posted by: tonkatsudelights | May 5, 2007

My Favorite Chocolate Cakes

The next day. Hmmm… time to think about our empty stomach…

Lunch is something simple. Yoshinoya spicy beef bowl, which is the new item on the menu. It is basically the regular Yoshinoya beef bowl with sprinkles of chili flakes. At the same time, the packets of chili flakes that they usually put in the boxes near the cash register are gone! We speculated that as a cost saving effort, Yoshinoya has decided to remove all those chili flakes packets and introduce the spicy beef menu in order to reduce the amount of chili flakes that they have to dish out. A crazy chili fan like me eat 4-5 packets of chili flakes at one go…

The afternoon high tea is at Bakerzin. The reason for this choice is basically… my favorite warm chocolate cake! It is basically a molten chocolate cake which nowadays you can find in almost all nice food establishments everywhere. Sadly, not every cafe or restaurant can do it nicely. Not even if they are fine dining establishments.

Warm chocolate cake!  Tapas, Sorbet, and Ice Cream

Having tried the cakes in other places before, Bakerzin warm chocolate cake remains my favorite up to this day (don’t know how many of these I have eaten already…). Nice outer crust and just right bittersweet chocolate taste. I heard they are using Valrhona chocolate from Italy for this cake. Slurrrrppp!

Besides that we also order a combination of 3 tapas, sorbet, & ice cream. Loved the cute little portion! There was a time when me and my colleague often escaped in the late afternoon and had a high tea in Bakerzin, trying all the tapas one by one… hehe. This time the tapas menu looks a bit different. They remove some of my favorite tapas… but hey… never mind. Time to try something new. The mango passion sorbet is a refreshing try, btw. Will go for this again the next time.

Btw… read something that reminds me of Ms. ChaoMugger when we were at Bakerzin. Hehe. Will post later!

Dinner is at Da Paolo Rochester Park. My favorite Da Paolo location — simply because of the ambience. The sundeck where you can lie down and relax while you sip your drink. Not this time around though. Due to rain they took out all the mattresses and the cushions away. Still they got the big sofa for people who wanted to lie down and relax.

Da Paolo Rochester Park

Da Paolo Rochester Park has this nice flourless chocolate cake. And if I’m not mistaken the Da Paolo Bistro Bar in Rochester Park is the only outlet where you can get this flourless chocolate cake. Unfortunately at this time, the picture of the cake is still very much inside Ms. PF’s mobile phone. Will post the pic later.

Update —> the pic of the flourless chocolate cake.

Flourless chocolate cake

Obviously that’s not all that I eat. I use the opportunity to eat my favorite antipasto, i.e. the foie gras with wild rocket in balsamico vinaigrette dressing, which you won’t find on the menu. It just lacks the green apple slices… but what can I do… as this outlet does not carry those ingredients in their inventory… The pasta for that night is the tagliolini aragostini, which is basically the home-made pasta with crayfish in tomato-based sauce.

Oh ya… forget to add. I love eating at Da Paolo… but it does not mean that I like everything on their menu. The fried calamari is not nice, for example. Big and chewy. Not thin and crispy as I would have liked them to be…

At the rate that we are eating now… I just hope we can balance the calories going in with the calories burned doing whatever it is that people do to burn calories…



  1. I gotta pop by sometime again, been ages since I’ve had one of those “sinful” stuff:)

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