Posted by: tonkatsudelights | April 29, 2007

The Tempe Bacem Affair

 My tempe bacem

… or tempeh stewed in sweet and sour coriander marinade, as somebody called it in the net.

I’m not sure about the coriander, but yeah… the sweet and sour part is true. It basically comes in the form of palm sugar and tamarind.

Don’t ask me how to make it cos I never did. I only fried it. Ms. J’s mom is the one who usually makes it for us. But if you want to try, just search in the internet. There are so many recipes of tempe bacem.

Tempe bacem is one of my favorite Indonesian home-cooked food. It is usually eaten together with sayur bening (spinach soup) or fried kangkong. Or… sometimes, with rice only.

I remember when I was still a poor student, I lived in another city far from my parents. And I had to manage my own meals, basically. I used to eat in small warungs near my lodging, which were usually frequented by the local folks. The meals were very cheap, even during my time. I would usually eat rice with one veggie (either spinach or kangkong) and either tempe bacem or fried omelette. I would eat this consistently for days on end. And one meal cost me only 500 rupiahs. Which is about 10 cents Singapore in today’s money.

So I had a long love affair with tempe bacem. I guess that explained why I was so happy to have tempe bacem for my meal last saturday. Thank you Ms. J!

Tempe Bacem in frying process Frying my tempe bacem.

Tempe Bacem ready to eat Tempe bacem is done. The color is supposed to be dark that way. Not a pretty sight for some people, but trust me… it’s very nice! 🙂


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