Posted by: tonkatsudelights | April 29, 2007

Taste of Home

Been wanting to post this for awhile but I keep on forgetting. Until today, when Ms. ChaoMugger mentioned my favorite instant noodles in her blog…


On the contrary to what my friends think, my taste is actually very Indonesian.

Just look at my kitchen cabinet. And my fridge.

I stocked up instant noodles from Indonesia. Mostly Indomie and Mie Sedaap — being the 2 leading instant noodle brands in Indonesia. But my #1 favorite is … Mie Sedaap rasa Mie Sambal Goreng. I brought a couple of dozens of these whenever I went to Jakarta.

The beverage of choice is none other than Tehbotol Sosro, which is Indonesian #1 sweet tea brand. Again, I brought at least a couple of dozens of these each time.

Mie Sedaap & Tehbotol  Soy Sauce & Chilli Sauce

My sweet soy sauce is Kecap cap Bango. I’ve been going through all the sweet soy sauce in Singapore’s supermarket… only to be disappointed time and again… cos none of the brand sold here lives up to my expectation.

My chilli sauce is Sambal cap Jempol. Which is rich in garlic taste and relatively hot. Tastes very similar to the chilli sauce that is used by KFC in Indonesia. So… everytime I buy KFC in Singapore I will buy takeaway and eat it at home, the way it should be eaten back in Indonesia. With rice and sambal. A sure combination for Indonesians. Which is also the reason why McDonalds in Indonesia sells fried chicken + rice.

Only my salty soy sauce is not Indonesian. My favorite soy sauce is the Healthy Boy brand mushroom soy sauce from Thailand. I bought bottles of these from the Thai Supermarket in Golden Mile. This taste is the ‘inheritance’ of Ms. PD, a Thai national.

I guess I just have a very particular taste.



  1. indomie and mie sedaap!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


    do indons eat so little, or are the packets just made tiny? we usually have to finish off at least 2 packets each to feel remotely satisfied.

  2. and that soy sauce you bought is probably one of the saltiest ever. and kinda pungent too. your tastebuds are quite amazing!

  3. indons eat little? hmmm… dunno for sure… but yeah, I’m quite filled with only one packet of mie sedaap everytime. I suppose one packet is about 70-80grams?

    the thai soy sauce? yeah… salty, but taste very nice. do you notice that thai food actually has a certain strong smell? go to Golden Mile and u can smell it all the way in. i guess it’s the fish sauce they use in each of their food.

  4. kecap bango forever……could turn bad cooking to gourmet food…..

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