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Dinner at the Cliff (A Day in Sentosa – Part 2)

The entrance to the Cliff 

No matter how much you enjoy staying and relaxing in one place, surely you will never forget when your stomach is calling. Hehe.

Luckily Sentosa has some of my favorite dining places. Il Lido at the Sentosa Golf Course and The Cliff at the Sentosa Resorts & Spa (a Beaufort hotel). There is another Japanese restaurant called Nogawa at the Sentosa Golf Course, which is supposedly a good one too, but I just never got around to try it.

The Sentosa Resorts & Spa has three dining places. The Terrace, The Pavillion, and The Cliff. The Terrace is where they serve their breakfast & buffet meal. To me, it is more suitable for business. When we had our offsite meeting at the hotel, that was the place to have our lunch buffet. Fine, but nothing special. The Pavillion is a place for drinking and chatting, with some live music performance in the background. Mostly easy listening.

But the Cliff? That is the place where you may want to go for a romantic dinner for two with the one that you love (or your date, or simply the girl you’d like to impress. Hehe). Start your dinner at 6.30pm when you can still see the view. Have an aperitif at the bar. Then head to the lower deck for more privacy and more intimate setting.

Upper deck is actually not that bad. But at certain point in time you’ll find people passing by. So it will greatly reduce your privacy. I used to sit at the worst table (worst, according to me), which is on the upper deck, the nearest to the entrance, by the swimming pool. Luckily we —me and my dinner companion at that time, a Ms. LY— had good concentration. Never once did the people passing by disturb us. We sat down from 6.30pm right through 11.30pm when the restaurant closed. Which, to me, greatly emphasized the importance of a good dinner companion.

Nevertheless, go for the lower deck.

Smoked salmon - complimentary from the chef Tasting of Oysters

I usually opened my dinner with the tasting of oysters. But almost always, the chef will give you a little something to open your dinner with. It’s complimentary. And this time it comes in the form of the smoked salmon. Small portion, but nice. Thank you, Mr. Chef.

The tasting of oysters consists of four pieces of oysters that you can choose according to your liking. One of my favorite is the fresh oyster shucked with calamanzi lime and martini sorbet, which I talked Ms. PF —my dinner companion for the night—to try. I then ordered one fresh oyster shucked with red wine-shallot mignonette and Ms. PF ordered the poached oyster with egg cocotte and shellfish froth. And guess what? The poached oyster suddenly became my 2nd favorite.

Oh,… and couple those oysters with a glass of Veuve Clicquot Yellow Label. Superb!

Next came the appetizers. Which I hardly change from my previous visit. The caramelized hokkaido scallops and the seared foie gras. Never failed to fulfill my expectations. Oh… did I mention that I am a fan of foie gras? Whenever my eyes see foie gras on the menu, my radar suddenly blinks. 🙂

Caramelized Hokkaido Scallops Seared Foie Gras

The caramelized hokkaido scallops come with morel mushroom custard and veloute of pink garlic confit (yes, it is mushroom, Ms. PF —not spinach). I wish I could describe how it tastes… but at this moment I could only say that it’s divine. Simply divine. On the other hand, the seared foie gras that comes with ice-wine raisin jus, braised baby leeks and crispy potato galette, can be too rich for some people. Well, as the fan of foie gras, I like it that way and I personally don’t think it’s as rich as the goose liver I tried in Chez la Mamy. But I know some people are not used to it. Oh… and did I mention that those crispy potato galette are nice?

When it comes to main course, however, this is one area that I haven’t really got it quite right with the Cliff. I simply couldn’t find one (yet) that brings me to the 7th heaven. The lamb shank, the clam risotto — I wouldn’t want to order those anymore. This time we ordered the pan-roasted barramundi and the char-grilled yellowfin tuna. And to me, these two are not that special either. Hmmm… if I can not find anything that I like on the main course menu, my future dinners at the Cliff may consist of just oysters, appetizers, and desserts.

Warm Chocolate Truffle Cake

To close our dinner, I ordered the warm chocolate truffle cake with banana brulee, cointreau ice cream, and banana sabayon. Not bad, though I would expect the chocolate to be a bit more bitter. Nevertheless, it is nice. I may also recommend the sticky date pudding souffle for dessert. A watch-out is that you may want to inform the waiters early enough if you want to order it as it takes some time to prepare.

Simply glorious food and a memorable evening.

That much I can say for the night.


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